10 Leg Care Rules We Shouldn’t Ignore

A person that has a relatively active lifestyle makes 7.5 thousand steps every day. It means that during their life, a person makes enough steps to walk around the Earth 5 times. In order to be able to walk this insane distance, we should pay more attention to the health of our legs.

We at Bright Side have studied the recommendations of doctors and experts, which will help you take good care of your legs without spending a lot of money.

1. Using wet pumice on dry feet

Pumice is a good option when we need to remove dry skin and soften the calluses. To make the process safe, keep the feet and the pumice in warm water for 5-10 minutes. Then, dry the feet but not the pumice and keep massaging the skin for 2-3 minutes. After the procedure, wash the pumice and put some moisturizing cream on the feet.

2. Never shave dry skin.

When we shave our legs without water or special creams, we might get skin irritation, ingrown hairs, or even a burn. And those that have deep pores or thick hair might even have the effect of strawberry legs.

Strawberry legs is the phenomenon when there are small black and red dots on the skin. They appear for different reasons, including shaving incorrectly. This is why we should replace the blade often and never shave dry skin.

3. 3 stages of shaving

Don’t forget to wash and peel the skin thoroughly before shaving. This is the only way to remove the fat and dead skin cells that can clog the pores. Then, make sure you apply a shaving mousse that will lubricate your hair even more and moisturize your skin after showering.

4. Choosing comfortable shoes and making the ones you have more comfortable.

According to doctors, tight shoes, especially those with a narrow front part can make you develop bumps on your feet. To avoid this, it’s better to wear shoes with a wide front part and flat soles. 

Don’t forget about supporting insoles because people with flat feet are more prone to developing problems with their feet. Insoles can also help to protect the feet from accidental injuries.

5. Using spreaders if you have bunions

If you already have bunions on your toes, you can try wearing spreaders. They will align the toes correctly and decrease the friction. Experts recommend using flexible spreaders because they are the most comfortable.

6. Take care of the skin on your knees.

Hyperpigmentation is completely harmless but some people try to lighten their dark knees to make them less visible. Experts recommend peeling products with alfa-hydro acids. They kill dead cells and make the skin smooth. You can also use homemade products, for example, aloe juice and turmeric to even out the skin tone and decrease the pigmentation. 

The darkening can also be prevented. To do it, use sunscreen and moisturize the area every day.

7. Holding an epilator correctly

Epilators remove hair with their roots. If you do it wrong, the device will cut the hair instead of pulling them out. To avoid this, exfoliate and use the device the correct way. Hold it at a 90-degree angle and slowly move it pressing on the skin lightly.

8. Don’t wear synthetic clothes after waxing.

Synthetic fabrics may irritate traumatized skin. So, during the first days after waxing, experts recommend wearing cotton or other natural materials.

9. Getting calluses removed by a doctor

Big calluses can make you feel uncomfortable but don’t buy special creams or ask a beauty salon worker to help you with them. It’s better to see an actual doctor. They will polish the area and find out the reason why you have calluses. 

Some people have calluses because of how their feet are built and only a doctor can help in such a situation.

10. Don’t wear cotton socks.

Human feet have around 250,000 sweat glands. People who sweat a lot shouldn’t wear cotton socks. The material absorbs the moisture and doesn’t let it evaporate. If you spend a whole day wearing cotton socks, they will smell really bad. 

The thing is, in a moist environment, bacteria start to grow actively. So, it’s important to wear fabrics that contain polyester.

How do you take care of your legs? Share your tips with us! 

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