10 Rare Old Pics Of Celebs Shared By A Page “Dedicated To Those Who Cherish The Past”

As rewarding as it is, being an A-list celebrity also requires a lot of sacrifices, and one of the biggest ones is anonymity and autonomy.

They go to the beach and there’s already a swarm of paparazzi waiting for them in the dunes, taking thousands of shots as soon as they arrive.

With so many pictures taken of them throughout their careers, it’s no wonder that some gems slip through the cracks.

So the Instagram account Best Of Vintage Style is dedicated to searching for and sharing images of famous people that only a few of their fans have seen.

Continue scrolling to take a look at actors, singers, models, and other well-known people from angles you may have missed.


Betty White


Back To The Future, 1985

However, as much as we admire these pictures, according to psychoanalyst Ken Eisold, Ph.D., we must be wary of celebrity culture.

“The proliferation of celebrities in our culture is relatively recent,” Eisold said. “In the past, writers and actors sometimes became celebrated, well-known, even famous, but it was seldom something they aspired to. A by-product of exceptional achievement, usually, fame was often awkward for the person thrust into the limelight.”

“But the media’s voracious appetite for content is, no doubt, the major driver of celebrity culture today. Moreover, celebrity now can be monetized though endorsements and testimonials.”


Sandra Bullock And Keanu Reeves Photoshoot For Speed, 1994


Princess Diana, 1997


Freddie Mercury At Wembley, 1986

“So what do they do for us, apart from giving us momentary distractions from the bad news of accidents and disasters, and the lingering problems of unemployment, political gridlock, corruption, war, and terrorism?” Eisold asked.

“Well, yes, they do that, providing diversion from constant drumbeat of bad news. Apart from an occasional “wardrobe malfunction,” few really terrible things happen on the red carpet.”


Barack And Michelle Obama, 1989


Sophia Loren


Audrey Hepburn

However, the psychoanalyst believes that the endless parade of celebrities in the media gives us a prettified and palatable version of social inequality.

“The super rich are invisible in their gated communities and penthouses, private planes, limos, and exclusive resorts. We know they are there, even if we don’t see them. Celebrities, on the other hand, are over exposed, appearing and reappearing on talk shows, late night TV, society pages, magazines, etc. They have a lock on our attention,” he highlighted.


Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt And Jack Nicholson For A Vanity Fair Cover, 2003


Patrick Swayze, 1995