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Looking to avoid the crowds of tourists on your next trip? We’ve researched the experiences of over 30 travel experts to explore their most memorable albeit underrated adventures. So, without further ado, here are 33 underrated experiences to add to your bucket list .

North America

1. Snorkel with Manatees in Florida’s Crystal River, USA

Experts say that this place is home to one of the world’s largest manatee communities. 100 manatees are said to live here around the popular Crystal River Wildlife Reserve all year round. The spring-fed rivers mixed with the warm gulf waters here make this place the perfect habitat.

You and your family can spot them above water from the boardwalk. You can also take a guided snorkeling tour and visit the Crystal River Wildlife Reserve. The best time for your visit is between the months of November and March.

2. Behold the Havasupai Falls in Arizona, USA

Even international hikers will confirm that hiking to Havasupai Falls is both awe-inspiring and memorable. The creek that runs through the Supai village and into the Colorado River at the bottom of the famous Grand Canyon is bright blue-green. It’s but a part of the beautiful scenery there though as you approach Beaver Creek, Havasupai, and Mooney Falls. This approximately four-hour or 10-mile hike is truly unforgettable.

3. Hike the Cone Volcano Paricutin in Michoacán, Mexico

This hike is a full-day experience,  Get an early start.  You travel from the nearest city, Angahuan, to the bottom of the cinder cone on horseback.  The climb to the top is notably steep and challenging due in part to the fact that the volcanic rock you hike over is loose under your feet.  While the volcano is classified as officially extinct, it still remains hot, and you can actually hear this natural wonder sizzle..

4. Discover La Huasteca Potosina, México

Begin your adventure in southern La Huasteca in the town of Xilitla.  It is here that Edward James chose to create his popular little surrealist garden city.  Next, travel north to the famous El Sotano de las Golondrinas or the Cave of Swallows.

This beautiful bird refuge is especially exciting at dawn.  It’s then that you’ll witness thousands of birds come spiraling out of the cave to begin their daily routine.  Be sure to visit Tamasopo and see the waterfalls too.

5. Rappel Down a Waterfall in Cascada Tamul, Mexico

Ciudad Valles is a mountain town in the Huasteca region of the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi.  Cascada Tamul is perhaps the best of the numerous waterfalls here,  This is also where  your averabe well-informed thrill-seeker comes to rappel 300 feet down this well-known waterfall.  It’s roughly an hour’s drive from Ciudad Valles to this waterfall.  Plus, you’ll need to hike through the woods for about 30 minutes.  All in all, it’s an unforgettable experience.

Adrenaline junkies already know how this unique sport in the midst of nature can be incredibly exciting.  If you’re new to this activity, take a class at one of Mexico’s certified schools.  You’ll be taken into cenotes, or deep freshwater caverns, where you’ll learn how to properly hold your breath, dive deep and keep your cool.

Any fears you have about being underwater will disappear with a professional instructor.  The cenotes here provide the ideal environment for learning how to free dive.  Visibility is perfect and there are no dangerous sea creatures.

7. See the Sunrise from a Fire Lookout in California, USA

Fire towers are found in remote mountain and forest areas.  In the US there are former fire lookout cabins that travelers can rent.  The vantage points were originally used to keep an eye out for dangers such as a fire.  The retired locations now afford campers some breath-taking views and even a sense of solitude.  The NorCal lookout cabins are available from the start of summer into early fall.  It’s like bare-bones camping with a roof over your head.

8. Witness a Rare Superbloom in California, USA

This rare desert botanical phenomenon in which a significant quantity of wildflowers whose seeds have been dormant blossom at the same time.  This is usually connected to an especially wet rainy season.  To witness it, travel to Murrieta in the spring.  It is then that you will see gorgeous golden poppies blanketing the hills.

9. The Cabot Trail and Sunset Hike at Cape Breton Island, Canada

This is a comparatively unknown but worthy trip.  It is fast becoming popular with cyclists, motorcyclists, and road-trippers, The official Cabot trail includes over 100 miles of memorable coastline and a scenic cruise through well-known Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  There’s much to do here including boating, hiking, and kayaking.  Most importantly though, you should take a sunset hike on the Skyline Trail.  Watch for moose and other wildlife!

10. Explore all the Frozen Wonders of the Arctic Circle

Many travelers never consider the Arctic Circle!  Visit During their summer and you’ll have daylight 23/7 in which to take in the bleak, bizarre landscape.  Here you can go biking on frozen sea ice, and see beluga whales in their natural habitat.  If you like drones, this is a fantastic place to fly them.  Veteran visitors say you land at Yellowknife, charter another plane to Somerset Island, and stay at the Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge.  Here you’ll find nothing but the local polar bears.