20-Year-Old Dies From Cancer After Posting Goodbye Video

Spanish influencer Elena Huelva, who gained over 950,000 followers on Instagram for documenting her brave battle with cancer, has tragically passed away at the age of 20. Huelva was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, in 2016 and her journey was followed by many who were inspired by her courageous and positive attitude throughout the disease.

In her final days, Huelva released a heartbreaking video on Instagram in which she tearfully said goodbye to her fans and, despite her uncertain future, declared that she had “already won. ”

Huelva’s passing was announced on Tuesday through an Instagram story shared on her account by a family member, who wrote, “Since this morning, Elena dances and looks down at you from her star. Thank you for everything. ” Huelva’s followers were left heartbroken by the news, with many paying tribute to the young woman’s strength and determination.

One admirer wrote, “Rest in peace my love, you have been an example of struggle and improvement,” while another said, “I can’t believe it, rest in peace darling. ”

Huelva’s optimism and strength were evident even in her final days, as she faced complications from her illness. In her final video from the hospital, Huelva wept in anguish as she explained that more disease had been found in her windpipe, a dangerous development given its importance for breathing. Despite this, Huelva remained determined and stated boldly that she didn’t “need to say much more.

” She declared that she had already won, explaining, “I know that my life was not in vain, because I fought and got what I wanted. ”

Huelva’s desire to inform the world about her illness was evident in her Instagram posts, where she shared updates on her condition and offered words of encouragement to others facing similar challenges. Huelva’s followers were consistently inspired by her ability to stay positive, even in the face of difficult circumstances.

In one post, Huelva wrote, “These are very difficult days, they are becoming more and more complicated, but as you know I am stronger, and more complicated. ”

Huelva’s passing has been met with condolences from well-known Spanish celebrities, including TV presenter Sara Carbonero and vocalist Manuel Carrasco. Actress Ana Obregón also offered her condolences, as her son also passed away from Ewing sarcoma. Despite the devastating loss, Huelva will be remembered for her bravery and determination in the face of adversity, and for the inspiration she provided to so many.