6 Times You Just Need Your Dad

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, you’re likely thinking about all of the different things that make your dad an amazing guy. Or, maybe you’re just having a panic attack about what the heck to buy him. Either way, I hope you’re trying to figure out the best way to celebrate one of the most important men in your life.

Personally, I’m what people refer to as a “daddy’s girl.” My dad and I have always shared a super close bond. My mom says that we’re “two peas in a pod” (I think she’s jealous… sorry, mom). Naturally, our relationship has evolved as I’ve transitioned into this fun little stage of life we refer to as “adulthood.” I have a career, a car, my own cell phone plan, and a mortgage payment. I generally like to think that I have my stuff together. But, my dad is always there to pick up the pieces when the world reminds me that I don’t.

Sometimes I think that, no matter how old I get, I’ll never truly feel like an “adult.” Sure, I have all of the necessary ingredients. But, oftentimes I still don’t feel informed enough to make adult decisions and lead an adult life. So, there are plenty of instances when I find myself running to my dad for advice on how to survive this whole adulthood thing. After all, he managed to pull it off.

My dad likes to remind me that asking for help and guidance doesn’t mean you’re failing. In fact, it’s usually a sign that you’re more mature than you give yourself credit for. He’s pretty much like a human fortune cookie, right? So, regardless of how “grown up” you think you are, here are a few times you probably just need your dad. Good thing they’re genetically programmed to love us unconditionally.

1. When you need someone to explain things you pretended to understand

Insurance deductibles and premiums? What even is escrow? Wait, how does a 401(k) work? There have been so many instances where I’ve just nodded my head and smiled while someone was explaining something. Did I comprehend a word they were saying? No. I just knew I could have my dad break it down in detail later. Thanks, dad!

2. When you need an unquestioning cheerleader

I think this is a fundamental difference between moms and dads. If I’m ever smack dab in the middle of a problem, my mom just asks a bunch of questions to attempt to figure out how I got myself in this situation. My dad? He immediately assumes that everyone around me is just a jerk, and I’m the innocent victim that somehow wound up in these unfortunate circumstances. Dads are always quick to jump on your bandwagon, no questions asked.

3. When you need an ego boost

Sometimes, nobody can make you feel smarter, more accomplished, and more beautiful than your dear ol’ dad. I swear, when my dad looks at me he sees Mother Teresa, Olivia Pope, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg all rolled into one adorable person that he helped create. It’s definitely the perfect confidence boost when you need it.

4. When you have car troubles

What is it about dads? Did they all attend some sort of secret, exclusive car repair school and not tell us? My dad isn’t even what I would consider “handy.” But, he can still hear a random clunk in my car and immediately say something like, “Sounds like your wheel bearing is shot.” What?! Is that even a real thing? Thanks for all of the car advice, dad. I’d have to Fred Flintstone my way everywhere if it weren’t for you.

5. When you need a reminder that not all men are total idiots

Back when I was still in the dating game, I was frequently exposed to some terrifying truths about what total idiots guys can be. Whenever I needed a gentle reminder that men won’t always be shotgunning beer and burping in my face, I’d pay a visit to my dad. Dad, thanks for showing me that not all guys are total morons.

6. When you just need to be reminded that you’re loved

No matter how many times you have to ask for advice or, even worse, money, dads have a magical way of always making you feel like the most loved person on the planet. Think of how many times you’ve screwed up in your life. Your dad still loves you despite all of those stupid things you did? That’s pretty special.