A Woman Accused of “Not Being Pretty Enough for Her Husband” Urges to Break Down Prejudices and Shows Us the Way to True Self-Love

True love knows no boundaries when it comes to size, height, or age. Unfortunately, we often overlook the importance of genuine connections with others and instead focus on labels and appearances. However, couples like Alicia and Scott serve as reminders that love and happiness come from within and teach us not to judge others based on their appearance.

Alicia McCarvell has gained popularity on social media through her humorous content and her promotion of body positivity. While she has amassed millions of followers, who admire and follow her adventures, she also receives criticism and hurtful comments about her relationship with her husband.

The content creator decided to speak out after a viral video garnered attention, according to her, for the wrong reasons. Alicia posted a transformation trend clip in which she and Scott are shown in towels and then fully dressed. The messages and comments that followed were cruel, with people, who didn’t know the couple at all, expressing their disbelief that Scott, who is physically fit, could be in love with a plus-size woman like Alicia.

The Canadian woman shared some of the assumptions she has to deal with on a daily basis: “’Oh, she was probably not fat when they met,’ or ’she must be rich,’ ’he must be gay,’ or ’he has a fetish for fat women.’ We have been led to believe that someone who is physically fit, like Scott, could never, in a million years, be in love or be compatible with a fat woman.”

Not many people know that Alicia and Scott have been in a loving relationship for 16 years. They first fell in love while in school and have stuck together through various challenges, supporting and respecting each other, and celebrating the love that they have at every stage of their life.

Alicia revealed that when she lost her job and was at a crossroads, it was her husband who provided the biggest support and encouragement for her to find herself and follow her dreams. That’s how the idea of posting funny videos of their life as a couple came about. They wanted to show their moments of constant laughter and joy. Also, Scott wanted to share Alicia’s charming personality with the world, since he believed others would love her just as much as he does.

Choosing to become a content creator was a great decision for Alicia, leading to her gaining millions of followers. Through interacting with others, she has also learned important lessons about self-esteem. The current social media star struggled with self-doubt and revealed that for a long time, she used to think like other people and would feel that she didn’t deserve Scott’s love: “I believed if I didn’t like myself, how could he?”

Alicia has acknowledged that her insecurities and low self-esteem caused significant challenges in her marriage. However, through her journey of self-acceptance, she came to the realization that the way she saw herself was not at all the way that Scott saw her. One of her key pieces of advice is to stop making assumptions about our partners and to remember that they may see us differently than we see ourselves.

Alicia recognized that her husband’s love for her has never wavered, but what has changed is her own perspective, thus enabling him to love her the way he has always wanted.

This realization led her to start responding to the criticism and negativity they receive online by educating people about the harmful nature of false beauty standards and the importance of recognizing the true value and worth of individuals. “The world looks at us and immediately gives more value to Scott than to me,” shared the influencer.

She revealed that her husband had received messages from slim and conventionally attractive women suggesting that he should be with someone like them. “Me telling myself for most of our relationship that I am not worthy of his love due to my body is exactly the same as this thin woman telling him that she is worthy of him due to her body,” she emphasized.

Alicia also mentioned that people often ask her if she feels jealous of the attention Scott receives. However, the influencer stressed that she feels secure in their love because she knows that her husband values her for her sense of humor, dedication, and kind heart — qualities that have nothing to do with her appearance or weight.

Alicia encourages people to focus on the inner qualities that truly define them, rather than solely on physical appearance. The influencer is aware of the fact that society places too much value on certain beauty standards, since they’ve been ingrained in us for a long time. However, she also insists that we can change that, and it is everyone’s responsibility to break down prejudices.

Have you ever felt judged because of your choices or appearance? How did you cope with that feeling?