Aaron Carter’s Official Cause of Death Revealed

Aaron Carter’s cause of death is being revealed by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner. Carter was discovered in his bathtub by his housekeeper on November 5, 2022.

According to new reports, Carter’s cause of death has been labeled as death by drowning after inhaling difluoroethane and taking alprazolam. The death has been ruled as accidental.

The coroner’s report went on to state that it is believed Carter was “incapacitated while in the bathtub” as the drugs in his system took effect. He then slipped under the water and drowned.

“Difluoroethane is a propellant often used in cans of compressed air, while alprazolam is the generic form of brand-name Xanax,” People reports.

His cause of death aligns with the information from his preliminary death investigation revealed that police allegedly discovered evidence of compressed air canisters and various medications in Carter’s bedroom and bathroom.

It was revealed shortly after his death that no foul play is expected. However, Aaron’s mom has been calling on investigators to open a homicide investigation.

Carter’s mother, Jane Schneck, took to Facebook to say that she’s “still trying to get a real investigation for the death of my son Aaron Carter. I want to share these death scene photos with you all because the coroner wrote it off as an accidental drug overdose.”

“They never investigated it as a possible crime scene because of his addiction past. Look at the photos. They were not taken by the police. But they allowed people to go in and out. Although a lot of potential homicide information was there for years Aaron had a lot of death threats and many many people who were making his life miserable.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has since responded to Schneck’s call to action via a statement given to Rolling Stone. “Homicide detectives are continuing their investigation into the death of Aaron Carter. To date, there has been no evidence of foul play found during the investigation. The results of Mr. Carter’s autopsy are still pending. The investigation remains ongoing.”

Aaron Carter’s fiancée has also spoken out following the death of her longtime partner and the father of her only child.

Melanie Martin’s comments came after Carter’s manager, Taylor Helgeson sat down for an interview with Page Six. Helgeson opened up about the last time he saw Carter.

According to Helgeson, he claimed he was with Carter just two days before his sudden and tragic passing. “He looked thin. He was extremely tired. He just looked like he needed to be doing anything but working. He looked like he needed to be taking care of him.”

“He didn’t seem okay physically … [but] mentally, he was the most excited I’ve seen him in months. He was very intelligent and he was very conscious of what people wanted to see from him.”

Helgeson went on to say that he and Carter had discussed going back to rehab but Carter was resistant because wanted to get his son back. “We were proposing [what] would have been … three months in Utah just on detoxing and kind of formulating new physical habits within your body.”

“[Carter] was saying, ‘I’m going to get my kid back and then I’m going to do this,’ and I was saying, ‘If you do this, I’m definitely going to get you your kid back,’ and that was the disagreement.”

Shortly after his interview, Martin spoke out via a statement on her Instagram Story. “This man did nothing to help Aaron,” Martin wrote about Helgeson.

“He enabled him so much. All he did was put a wedge between Aaron and I for the party to start. He tried to take over and brought him things that should have NEVER been brought to anyone. Let alone an addict.”

Martin continued, claiming that Helgeson took advantage of Carter, adding, “He overworked him when he was not well. He used him in life and now he’s still using him after death getting paid for interviews!”

“This man wanted to get Aaron‘s career back but this wasn’t the time to do so. Aaron needed help and needed rehab to be sober before he could revive his career. This man was no hero. He had a hand in his relapse.”

Helgeson had been Carter’s manager for 8 months before his passing. Carter was just 34 years old at the time of his passing. He was set to celebrate his 35 birthday in just one month.

Aaron has, for the most part, been quite open about his battle with addiction to substances and huffing. However, his official cause of death has yet to be revealed.

Carter has since been cremated and his family is determining how they will celebrate his life.