Actor Who Starred In Legendary Movies Passes Away

Last year, 2022, was a year filled with tragedy. Dozens of famous celebrities lost their lives, many at much too young an age. Back on May 9, 2022, one actor who starred in legendary movies passed away at the age of eighty-four.

This actor was none other than the great Bo Hopkins. You probably remember his iconic acting in movies like The Wild Bunch, White Lightning, Midnight Express, and American Graffiti.

The legendary actor was in the Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, California, when he suffered a catastrophic heart attack and died.

Although doctors were surrounding him at the time of the cardiac arrest, they were unable to revive him and bring him back from the brink. He passed away surrounded by hard-working hospital staff and doctors on May 9.

The actor’s death was confirmed via a press release published on his website. The statement said, “It is with great sadness that we announce that Bo has passed away.

Bo loved hearing from his fans from around the world, and although he was unable to respond to every email over the last few years, he appreciated hearing from each and every one of you.”

Although the cause of Bo Hopkins’s death was not stated in the press release, it was later revealed in another source. Nevertheless, the statement makes it abundantly clear that Hopkins was a man who made a lasting impression on people he met – whether through his movies or in person.

Hopkins was raised by his mother and grandmother after his father passed away at the age of nine. He later learned that he had been adopted and was able to meet his birth parents.

He was given the name “William” but decided to call himself Bo Hopkins when he got his start in Hollywood as a throwback to the character he played in “Bus Stop,” which was his first off-Broadway show.

In addition to the movies mentioned above, most of which were released in the 1970s, Bo Hopkins was also a prolific television actor.

He held guest starring roles in popular shows like Charlie’s Angeles, Hotel, The A-Team, The Rockford Files, and Matt Houston. He was also featured in several episodes of the TV series Dallas, playing the character J.R. Ewing’s nemesis, “Buck Fallmont.”

As a tribute to Bo Hopkins, many fans and members of the entertainment industry have taken to social media to express their condolences and admiration for his life and career.

Bo Hopkins’s passing was a huge loss for the entertainment world and his fans. He will always be remembered as an iconic actor who brought joy to millions of people through his memorable performances. Bo Hopkins will live on in our hearts forever.

Bo Hopkins is survived by his loyal wife of thirty-two years, Sian Eleanor Green. The married pair shared a son Matthew and a daughter Jane.

In the video below, you’ll get a nine-minute tribute to the late great Bo Hopkins.