After her son had plastic surgery, his mother said that she was unable to recognize him…

As a result of the widespread promotion of “perfect-looking humans” in the media, a great number of individuals have had surgical procedures in order to fulfill the “goals” that have been set for their bodies and faces.

In point of fact, there are even television programs in Thailand that are exclusively devoted to the alterations that may be achieved via cosmetic surgery. There is a television program in Thailand that demonstrates how someone may be transformed from a “ugly duckling” to a “beautiful swan.”

An individual named Noppajit Monlin, who is 22 years old and works in a factory, had cosmetic surgery in order to convert his look into what some people would consider to be a South Korean gentleman. It would seem that Noppajit had long desired to alter his appearance, in light of the fact that he consistently struggled with eating due to the fact that his jaw was twisted. In addition, he had feelings of embarrassment as a result of his appearance, and he often avoided his coworkers.

Within the scope of the surgical procedure, his jaw was adjusted, and his forehead and eyelids were altered. In addition to that, the medical professionals administered botox injections to his salivary glands in order to cure his excessive drooling, and they also administered skin treatments in order to clean up his blemished face.

In the end, Noppajit’s new appearance was unveiled after he had been recovering for three months. He had such a strikingly distinct appearance that even his own mother was unable to properly identify him!

This young guy announced to everyone that he felt as if his life had begun again.

According to Noppajit, despite the fact that his outward look has altered, he is still the same guy on the inside. He said that he is still deeply in love with Tob, a transgender lady whom he has been seeing for three years. Noppajit has been dating Tob for three years.

The fact that I am protective of him does not mean that I am afraid of his leaving me. Since the very beginning, we have placed our faith in one another.

It would seem that the pair first connected over social media, and after just five minutes of conversing with one another, Noppajit requested Tob for her phone number. After just three weeks had passed, they decided to get together and move in together.

With affection, Noppajit said, “She looked after me,” I said. She is very much like a lady, despite the fact that she is not a woman. My ideal partner is this particular lady. Despite the fact that I have adopted a new life, my heart remains the same.