‘America’s Got Talent’ Winner Michael Grimm Is ‘Sedated’ and on a Ventilator Due to Mystery Illness

“We don’t know what’s wrong,” the singer’s wife Lucie Zolcerva-Grimm told fans as he remains hospitalized after over a week

Michael Grimm has been hospitalized for over a week due to a mysterious illness.

On Tuesday, the America’s Got Talent winner’s wife Lucie Zolcerva-Grimm appeared on his Instagram and revealed the singer-guitarist was “sedated” and on a ventilator in the ICU.

“I know you all love Michael and while I want to protect his privacy and his request to not disclose anything, we’re kind of in a situation,” she began, tearing up as she explained the health scare has “been an emotional ride.”

“You may have noticed that he was struggling with his health a lot, lacking energy and not being able to fulfill shows,” Lucie continued, revealing that his health worsened over Memorial Day weekend and she took Michael to the hospital.

She explained that no doctors could figure out what was wrong with the singer.

“He was looking increasingly sickly, all of a sudden he could barely walk, couldn’t lift his head, he couldn’t respond right away when I would ask him things, he would be really fussy,” she recalled.

Lucie said she rushed him to the emergency room, believing that he may be having a stroke, which was later ruled out. While there, she said “toxins” from the illness were going to his brain and her husband “started talking gibberish and all of a sudden, physical tremors were setting in [and] his blood pressure was skyrocketing.” 

Michael, the Mississippi blues singer who won season 5 of America’s Got Talent, was ultimately admitted to the ICU, where he has been all week.

“For the safety of his health they had to put him on a ventilator and sedate him pretty heavily so he wouldn’t stroke out, so he wouldn’t flatline,” Lucie shared, noting that she’s emotionally and physically exhausted by the week-long health emergency.

“The good news is that the doctors were finally able to remove the ventilator today, and he is breathing on his own, so he’s doing good,” she continued. “However, due to the last week, his body went through a lot. They do still have him sedated so he doesn’t seize or flatline from the fluctuating blood pressure.”

Lucie explained that doctors still don’t know what sort of illness he’s facing, telling fans that they’re taking it day-by-day and her priority is to simply stand by Michael and make sure he continues improving.

She thanked the medical staff that has been helping the singer as he “remains unconscious” and told fans that he’ll have a long recovery when he’s awake.

“Michael will have to not only come back to full consciousness, which he’s not yet. He will also have to now undergo physical therapy because he’s been bedridden for over a week,” she said. “He currently has no voice, he’s got to go under vocal cord repair, from [the] time being on the ventilator, and get all his organs back up and all his muscles working again, mentally, he needs to come back from this and return to a state of health. So this may take a little time.”