Angelina Jolie Hints She’s Quitting Acting and Moving to Asia

At 48, Angelina Jolie, renowned for her illustrious career in Hollywood since her breakout role in “Girl, Interrupted” in her early 20s, is hinting at a potential departure from acting and contemplating a move to Asia. The actress, daughter of Jon Voight and the late Marcheline Bertrand, has been a prominent figure not just for her professional achievements but also due to intense scrutiny of her personal life, marked by three celebrity marriages – to Jonny Lee Miller, Billy Bob Thornton, and Brad Pitt.

Reflecting on the changes in the entertainment industry, Jolie expressed that the expectation to be intensely public wasn’t as prominent when she began her acting journey. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, she confessed, “I wouldn’t be an actress today. When I was starting out, it wasn’t as much of an expectation to be as public, to share so much.”

Amidst the prolonged divorce proceedings with Brad Pitt, Jolie disclosed that the constraints of the legal battle limited her freedom to travel. Eager to break away from Los Angeles, she shared her desire to move when circumstances permit, emphasizing her wish to spend more time in her home in Cambodia. She said, “It’s part of what happened after my divorce. I lost the ability to live and travel as freely. I will move when I can.”

Addressing Hollywood’s impact on her, Jolie criticized the industry as “not a healthy place” and characterized it as “shallow.” The interview also highlighted the scarcity of Jolie’s recent filmography, suggesting a potential connection to her admitted emotional struggles. Earlier this year, in an interview with Vogue, she hinted at feeling out of sync with herself, stating, “I don’t feel like I’ve been myself for a decade, in a way. Which I don’t want to get into.”

Despite these challenges, Jolie acknowledged the transformative impact of motherhood on her life. Adopting her first son, Maddox, from Cambodia at the age of 26, she subsequently expanded her family with ex-husband Brad Pitt, raising a total of six children. Reflecting on the profound impact, Jolie stated, “My entire life changed. Having children saved me – and taught me to be in this world differently.”

Looking ahead, Jolie’s upcoming acting projects include “Kung Fu Panda 4” and the biopic “Maria,” where she portrays opera singer Maria Callas. As she contemplates a potential shift away from Hollywood, the multifaceted artist continues to navigate her evolving personal and professional journey.