Angelina Jolie On Her Deteriorating Health, Quitting Acting

Actress Angelina Jolie is, by all rights, a true movie star. The Oscar-winning actress also seems to have a well-rounded life as a mother, but she’s not your typical movie star. Perhaps she’s also not your typical mother. Jolie plans to leave Los Angeles eventually and claims she has “no social life.” Jolie recently opened up to the Wall Street Journal about her life, her career, her health and what she’s working on right now.

Although Jolie is a household name, she has backed off from her acting career greatly ever since her divorce from actor Brad Pitt. Instead of acting in multiple movies a year, she has only acted in 5 movies in the past 7 years. She has been staying home more and putting her children first. She explained that for the past 22 years, “I’ve been a mom, and I’ve fully absorbed that into who I am.”

Jolie has a new movie where she stars as opera star Maria Callas. She opened up about not considering herself a singer, and therefore finding this role pretty intimidating.

While she has not stopped acting yet, it is not her focus either. Her latest venture is actually a sustainable fashion line called Atelier Jolie. She expects to lose money on this venture, but that doesn’t bother her. She’s honestly hoping just to break even eventually. She explained, “If I can eventually put into practice some things that I think are improvements and I just break even, that’s a huge victory.”

Jolie has never really been into fashion before. As she put it, “I’ve never been to a fashion show or Met Ball my entire life.” However, that’s not stopping her from moving forward. She has leased space in New York’s NoHo where customers can see Jolie’s designs from other sustainable fashion brands, enjoy a cafe, and have items tailored or custom-made.

As far as Hollywood, Jolie was born and raised there, but her heart isn’t there. Her parents are actors actors Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand, so she was raised in the film industry and had her first role in one of her father’s films.

Jolie explained that her mother taught her to go on an adventure to escape, and that’s why she started visiting refugee camps, where she found and adopted her oldest child, her son Maddox. She explained, “I realized my closest friends are refugees.”

Jolie is also aware of her physical limitations and changes in her body. She shared that she had Bells Palsy shortly before her divorce from Pitt. She explained, “My body reacts very strongly to stress.” She has also noticed that her voice has changed over the years. In 2018, when she was filming “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,” she noticed that her voice had changed significantly since a few years earlier when she acted in the first “Maleficent” movie.

While Jolie’s focus is currently on her clothing line, she eventually wants to move to Cambodia full time. She explained that after her divorce she “lost the ability to live and travel as freely.” She added, “I will move when I can.”