Angry trolls call the mother a “monster” for lasering a port-wine birthmark on her child’s face, but she responds, “It’s far from what they think.”

An Australian mother claims she removed her baby’s birthmark with a laser because she wanted to heal her child despite receiving hateful trolls’ calls calling her a “monster” for doing so.

Six months ago, Gold Coast resident and stay-at-home mother Brooke Atkins, 33, gave birth to Kingsley, her second child.

However, not long after his birth, Brooke and her boyfriend Kewene Wallace, 27, discovered a sizable “port wine” mark spanning half of his face.

Although port-wine stains are mostly benign, if they appear on the face, especially over the eye, they may be a sign of glaucoma or the Sturge Weber syndrome.

In addition to glaucoma, which can result in blindness, this can induce seizures and other impairments.