Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter completes 11th grade on the honor roll — see her proud dad’s post

Larry Birkhead is one proud dad after his 16-year-old daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, completed the 11th grade and made the honor roll.

Dannielynn Birkhead, who is the daughter of late model Anna Nicole Smith, finished the school year strong, averaging at least a 3.5 grade point average to make it onto the impressive list. So Larry Birkhead celebrated her accomplishments with a sweet post on Instagram.

On June 1, the 50-year-old photographer uploaded photos of the duo riding in a car together. Dannielynn Birkhead laughed after capturing a few pictures of her dad from slightly unflattering angles.

He also shared a snap of his daughter’s two honor roll certificates in the slideshow.

“Nothing like trying to have a serious conversation with your kid and instead you get trolled with the worst pics of you ever taken on their cell phone. I can’t be the only parent with this issue!” he joked at the start of the caption.

He then praised his daughter for continuing to be a great student after facing difficult moments.

“Dannielynn finished 11th grade and maintained honor roll through some challenging times we had taking care of my Mom before she passed away,” he shared. “I am so proud!”

The photographer said the pair are looking forward to summer vacation and Dannielynn Birkhead’s senior year of high school.

He added, “And in the meantime, hopefully she can take some better pictures of me.”

Before ending the post, he joked that he was considering signing his daughter up for photography classes this summer and included the hashtags “honorroll” and “badcellphonepics.”

Larry Birkhead’s cute message comes almost a month after the father and daughter made an appearance at the Kentucky Derby in May.

The two, who make the trip to the annual event every year, decided to pay homage to Smith with their outfits.

In a carousel of now-deleted Instagram photos, the teenager wore a long-sleeved blouse covered in black-and-white pictures from her mom’s Guess campaign.

She also donned a tiered black tulle skirt and matching belt.

Larry Birkhead complemented his daughter’s ensemble by sporting a tie that featured Smith’s Guess campaign shots, as well.

Smith died in February 2007 when her daughter was only 5 months old. Larry Birkhead reflected on meeting Smith for the first time at the Kentucky Derby in the caption. “Tonight is the 20th anniversary where I met Dannielynn’s Mom at the same event,” he wrote.

Before attending the gala, he spoke to People about honoring Smith.

“(Dannielynn’s) showing off her fashion sense but at the same time paying tribute to her mom,” he said. “It came from a Guess collection that sold out and she (Dannielynn) saved it for a special occasion. It’s done with photos from some of Anna’s best Guess campaigns.”

Speaking about seeing Smith for the first time in 2003 at the event, he recalled, “It seems like yesterday to be honest. That I was walking up with my camera bags and just hoping for a decent picture.”

He continued, “I wound up with so much more. It’s funny how one event can change your life. And that’s what this party did for me. If I had not been there that night and had that connection, how different my life would have been if I hadn’t met Anna and had our daughter.”