Another tragedy has ruined John Travolta’s life

Kelly Preston, who was 57 years old when she passed away, was a beloved member of the Travolta family. Her passing came 11 years after the untimely death of their son Jett.

In 2009, Preston and John Travolta’s first child, Jett, passed away at the age of 16 after having a seizure and banging his skull in a bathtub in their holiday home on Grand Bahama Island. Jett was the only child they ever had together. After a private struggle with breast cancer that lasted two years, Preston passed away on Sunday.

Even though Travolta, 66, and Preston have chosen to keep their grief private, the couple has periodically spoken out about their autistic son and has commemorated his birthday with heartfelt tributes on social media. The following year, Preston paid tribute to her cherished son by posting a rare snapshot of herself, John Travolta, and Jett on Instagram. The photograph was released just days before what would have been Jett’s 27th birthday had he lived.

In addition to spreading awareness for those affected by autism through the sharing of the photos, the actress also promoted awareness for those who write “I am thinking about and sending lots of love to all of the amazing people whose lives are touched by autistic children. Children who have special needs may we all shine, and may they be showered with love and respect “together with recognizing that April is Autism Awareness Month and using the hashtag for it.

“to the man of my dreams, Jett… You will always have a place in our hearts, “The caption was written with affection by Preston.

In addition, Preston and Travolta are parents to Ella, who is now 20 years old, and Benjamin, who is 9 years old.

Additionally, in November 2012, the late actress disclosed her struggles while appearing on an episode of The Doctors.

“[Jett] was diagnosed with autism. He suffered from epileptic fits and was diagnosed with Kawasaki syndrome when he was very young “This is what Preston had said at the time.

Kawasaki Syndrome is an acute sickness characterized by a fever that leads to inflammation in blood vessels located throughout the body. Infants and younger children are the most likely to be affected.

During an interview with Good Morning America in September 2016, John Travolta revealed that the birth of their second son, which came after the death of their first child, was essential in keeping the family unit together.

In his words, “absolutely having little Ben has been a wonderful type of glue for us to rebuild after a great tragedy.”

Ben was finally conceived after the couple had been trying for a full three years. In 2011, John Travolta said in an interview with PEOPLE that his son “has given the house a revitalized spirit and purpose.”