Antonio Banderas experienced a heart attack that altered his life.

Antonio Banderas experienced a heart attack that altered his life. The actor claimed that rather than making things worse, it offered him a new outlook on life.

Banderas, who is now 61, was taken to the hospital immediately after having a heart attack. Only because his wife had acquired powerful aspirin tablets the day before did he survive the “extremely dramatic” incident. Despite having a near-death experience, the actor opened out about the incident years later and said that, generally, the experience had been pleasant.

It’s one of the nicest things that has ever happened in my life, the Mask of Zorro star told Forbes.

It helped me realize the things that are truly important and helped me better grasp who I am and my place in the world.

There are several idiotic things that I once thought were significant but have since vanished or sank.

Something was altered.

The actor even implied that the circumstances would alter his acting approach.

“Actors need to eat, because life is their food.

“This occurrence was obviously highly dramatic when it was occurring. At the Hollywood Awards in 2019, he said to Entertainment Tonight, “It opens my eyes in a different way and establishes a different order of priorities than previously.

According to the British Heart Foundation, about 73,000 deaths in the UK are caused by coronary heart disease each year, which includes angina and heart attacks.

Every minute that passes after a heart attack raises the danger of death and damage to the heart.

Fortunately for Banderas, the powerful aspirins his wife had purchased the previous day allowed him to react right away.

She purchased this aspirin because it was the only item she could find, and it was the highest strength she could find—I believe it was five milligrams.

She placed one of those aspirins under my tongue the following morning when I began to experience the symptoms and was fully aware of what was happening. This action saved my life.

I had a second chance, and since then, a few things have altered in my life.

Aspirin is a blood-thinning medication that prevents the formation of new blood clots.

They are typically given by the NHS after a heart attack to lower the risk of developing new issues, although the Mayo Clinic advises that taking aspirin while having a heart attack is safe.

However, the agency advises giving a call to the emergency services first if you believe you are experiencing a heart attack.

The following are the main signs of a heart attack:

chest pain that feels pressure, heavy, tight, or squeezing across your chest and radiates to your arms, usually the left one, as well as your jaw, neck, back, and stomach; dizziness or lightheadedness; shortness of breath; nausea or vomiting; intense anxiety; coughing or wheezing.
In order to minimize undue stress, it’s crucial to rest after a heart attack.

Aspirin should be taken by chewing it carefully, followed by swallowing a 300mg pill.

After his struggle, Banderas went on to play Salvador in the movie Pain and Glory, a drug-addicted filmmaker who is going through a physical and mental deterioration.

When his character is going to have surgery toward the end of the movie, he tells the doctor that he is still writing. According to Banderas, this is his character’s way of saying, “Don’t kill me, I still have things to do.”