As Bruce Willis’ health deteriorates, his family is “praying” for a Christmas miracle.

The most cordial ex-couples in Hollywood are often regarded as Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. Following Bruce’s aphasia diagnosis, the couple—who were married for 11 years and have three children, Rumer, 34, Scout, 31, and Tallulah, 28—have become even closer.

The progressive condition impairs a person’s capacity for language comprehension and communication.

Bruce Heming, the star of the movie Die Hard, said earlier this year that he was retiring from acting due to his illness, along with his children and Bruce’s 13-year wife Emma Heming.

Demi has maintained regular communication with Bruce and Emma, a source said. If she is not by his side, she will call the phone just so Bruce can hear her voice. She is making every effort to be with him.

The 67-year-old celebrity is receiving support from the entire family. They understand that he won’t be present forever, the insider claimed. Therefore, they are savoring each and every moment.

The extended family of Demi and Bruce—including his two daughters with Emma, ages 10 and 8—often spends vacations in Idaho.

The insider said, “It was always a special occasion.” The beloved family customs—such as their pajama parties and game nights—persisted.

As they both try to deal with Bruce’s decline, Demi and Emma’s bond has only grown closer. His wife is now acting as a go-between for their ex-partners.

The insider stated, “Bruce can’t say much, and it doesn’t appear like he’s understanding much of what others say.” Emma has so served as his primary spokesperson and communication.

His loved ones are doing their best to hold on despite his failing health, especially with the approaching holiday season.

The source said, “There are times when they catch glimmers of the old Bruce, but they are few and far between.” They feel heartbroken since it looks like he’s drifting farther away.

All of them want to spend the holidays with their adored father. The insider claimed, “The girls can’t picture Christmas without Bruce.” The older girls mourn the old Bruce, the one who used to tease them about their partners and offer them unwanted advice. It has been heartbreaking to watch him degenerately.

The insider continued, “All they can do is tell him they love him and wish for a holiday miracle with Christmas just around the corner.