At the age of 67, Debra Winger, whose performances from the 1980s have left an indelible mark on our hearts, is still breathtaking…

In a story that has stood the test of time, Naval Officer Zack Mayo grabbed factory worker Paula into his arms and whisked her away from her place of employment. This left people all around the world dreaming they were the stunning Debra Winger.

The iconic moment from the romance classic “An Officer and a Gentleman,” in which Richard Gere portrayed Officer Zack Mayo, the dashing hero dressed in navy blue, became the standard by which lovers of daydreaming are judged when it comes to love tales.

As she worked beside some of Hollywood’s most attractive guys, Debra Winger was the object of jealousy for many.

Today, Winger, who is 67 years old, shows no signs of aging. Winger has been seen posting images of herself on Instagram throughout the course of the previous several years, first with brown hair and now with a natural wavy gray hairstyle.

Winger’s first leading role was in the film Slumber Party ’57, which was released in 1976. This led to her being cast in the role of Drusilla, the younger sister of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, which was first performed by Lynda Carter on the popular television series Wonder Woman, which aired in 1979. Winger was invited to make more frequent appearances, but she rejected in order to avoid being stereotyped by the character she was playing.

Those who made that choice did not have any regrets since they knew that the early 1980s would be a successful time for the budding celebrity.

As she was at the pinnacle of her youthful career, she was nominated for a number of awards, including the Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award, for her performances in three films that became legendary in the 1980s.

As Paula in an Officer and a Gentleman (1982) and in Terms of Endearment (1983), where she played Emma, a dying young woman with an overbearing mother, Aurora, who was played by Shirley MacLaine, she starred in Urban Cowboy in 1980. At the time, John Travolta was wreaking havoc on audiences with his smooth dance moves in Saturday Night Fever (1977) and Grease (1988). She also appeared in Urban Cowboy alongside Travolta.

More than forty years after her meteoric ascent to fame, rumors continue to circulate about the reasons for Winger’s departure from the entertainment industry, despite the fact that she had achieved a great deal of success and chose to take a little break from her acting schedule.