Bad News Regarding the TV Icon

Barbara Walters has been setting TV journalism records since the 1970s. She was “ABC World News Tonight’s” first female co-anchor in 1976. She also set records by earning a $1 million salary annually, which was unheard of at the time. Before beginning her own talk program, “The View,” she worked as an anchor on “20/20” later in her career.

Walters has received numerous honors during the course of her career. Daytime Emmy Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards are among these distinctions. It would be an understatement to say that she is a respected journalist.

September saw the 93rd birthday of Walters. Whoopi Goldberg said, “To the one and only Barbara Walters, who had a birthday yesterday, we want to say, 27 never looked so good,” in a tribute to the show’s originator on “The View.”

While Goldberg’s comment was intended to wish Walters a happy birthday, it alarmed admirers, who were left wondering why they hadn’t seen or heard from Walters in a while.

Walters’ life is very rapidly evaporating. Insiders told RadarOnline that Walters has severe dementia and never leaves her apartment in New York City. She hardly ever gets out of bed at all, and when she does, she uses a wheelchair.

Additionally, the insider disclosed that Walters frequently is unaware of what is going on around her and that the only time she truly appears alert is when the news is on, even if this is not because she is engaged in the news program. Instead, Walters is perplexed, believing that it is her responsibility to report the news story.

In 2014, Walters announced her long-awaited retirement, and she hasn’t been spotted in public since 2016. She used to host guests in her apartment before the epidemic struck in 2020, but ever after the pandemic, she has stayed by herself with the support of her caregivers.

Walters is “extremely fragile and spends a large deal of the day napping,” according to the source. Walters “suffers from tiredness and lethargy, as well as anxiety and agitation,” the source continued.

According to reports, Walters’ staff is preparing for her impending decline in health. Barbara is fading a little more each day, the person said. Her team is rushing to handle matters in the manner that Barbara would want them to be managed as she approaches death.

The insider also said that Walters can’t make many decisions for herself because of her dementia. The insider said, “Unfortunately, her dementia has gotten worse. Her caregivers give her the chance to make daily decisions, but most of the time she just stares at them.

According to a different source, Walters hardly ever remembers the names of her days or renowned acquaintances. She was described as “a virtual skeleton” by the source.

Do you find Walters’ health situation surprising? Do you believe she will live a long time?