Bassist Of Popular Alt-Rock Band Has Passed Away

Charlie Colin, one of Train’s founding members and bassist, has died. TMZ has reported that Charlie passed away from what seems to be a “tragic accident.” The bassist’s mother told TMZ, Charlie slipped and fell in a shower of a friend who he was house-sitting for in Brussels, Belgium. The timing of his fall is unclear because Charlie was found after his friends returned from a trip.

She said Charlie moved to Brussels and was teaching a music master class. Also, she mentioned he was working in the studio, making music for a film.

Charlie is best remembered for his work with Train, an American alternative pop rock band. The band formed in 1993, in San Francisco. The band achieved success with their first album “Train”. The album was released in 1998 with their first hit “Meet Virginia.”

The band’s second album, “Drops of Jupiter,” released in 2001, was a turning point. The title track, “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me),” became a huge hit, earning Train two Grammy Awards. Colin’s musician skills and songwriting were crucial to the album’s success, and his contributions were widely recognized and celebrated.

Despite the band’s success, Colin’s journey with Train came to an end in 2003. His departure was reportedly due to personal and creative differences. In recent years, Charlie Colin remained active in the music scene.

His dedication to his work was evident in every project he undertook, reflecting his enduring love for music. Colin’s passing is a significant loss to the music community, but his legacy lives on through the countless lives he touched with his music.

He was 58.

Rest In Peace.