Beach Boys Longtime Member, Dubbed the ‘Vice Principal’, Dies at 67

Jeffrey Foskett, a highly regarded musician and a long-standing member of the legendary rock band, The Beach Boys, has passed away at the age of 67 after a protracted battle with thyroid cancer. The sad news was conveyed via a Facebook post by Brian Wilson, one of the founding members of The Beach Boys. Foskett’s demise occurred on a Monday, leaving behind a legacy of musical talent and camaraderie.

Brian Wilson expressed his profound grief and admiration for his dear friend, Jeff Foskett, in his Facebook announcement. He recalled the invaluable role Foskett played during their tours and described him as one of the most talented individuals he had ever known. Wilson praised Foskett’s prowess as a musical leader, guitarist, and singer, likening his vocal abilities to that of an angel. Their friendship began in 1976 when Foskett knocked on Wilson’s door in Bel Air, forging a bond that endured for decades. Wilson expressed his love and condolences to Foskett’s family and friends, promising that they would remember him forever.

Carnie Wilson, the daughter of Brian Wilson and a singer with the group Wilson Phillips, responded to the post, acknowledging the pain her father was experiencing and expressing her love for Foskett.

Mike Love, another key member of The Beach Boys who continues to tour with the band, also paid tribute to Foskett on the social media platform X. Love’s heartfelt post highlighted the sense of family within The Beach Boys and the significant role Foskett played over the years. He affectionately referred to Foskett as “The Voice,” underscoring his exceptional vocal harmonization skills. Love described Foskett’s sense of humor, talent, charm, and kind-hearted nature, which endeared him to everyone he met. He suggested that a heavenly celebration was underway with “The Voice” taking the lead in a heavenly choir.

Love and his wife expressed their profound loss and gratitude for Foskett’s love and friendship. He acknowledged the waves of grief they were experiencing but emphasized that each wave brought them closer to cherished memories of the past.

In the annals of The Beach Boys, Jeffrey Foskett held a special place, often referred to as the “vice principal” by the founding members. Despite the well-documented conflicts and disagreements among the band’s members, Foskett’s presence was universally appreciated. He began touring with The Beach Boys in the mid-1970s, contributing his musical talents to both Mike Love’s and Brian Wilson’s iterations of the band. While Foskett was not present during the band’s early heydays, he played a pivotal role in their 1988 hit, “Kokomo,” a song that Love continues to perform during their tours.

In conclusion, the music world has lost a remarkable talent and a beloved figure with the passing of Jeffrey Foskett. His contributions to The Beach Boys, both as a musician and a harmonious force, left an indelible mark on the band’s legacy. Foskett’s warm personality and musical prowess earned him the affection and respect of his fellow band members and fans alike, ensuring that his memory will endure as part of The Beach Boys’ storied history.