Because Prince George was fearful of being bullied, he urged King Charles to violate royal protocol prior to the coronation 

During his grandfather’s coronation last weekend, Prince George played one of the most honourable roles. The little prince was the Page of Honour for the service at Westminster Abbey.

There are hundreds of centuries-old royal traditions ranging from what to eat, how to eat, how to stand, and how to behave in specific situations. The importance of dress code was unexpectedly a hot topic at the coronation.

According to the Daily Mail, Prince George had a say in what he wore to King Charles’ wedding. According to the publication, the 9-year-old went to his grandfather before the coronation and convinced him to alter his clothes. What’s the reason? It’s truly quite sad…

The crowning of King Charles will definitely be remembered fondly by monarchists. Thousands of people lined the streets of London to cheer on the royals, and the event appeared to run smoothly.

As a Page of Honour, Prince George donned historically inspired attire. But first, the young prince approached his grandfather, King Charles, and informed him of his intention to wear something new.

According to the Daily Mail, George, 9, planned to make coronation history by convincing King Charles to modify the centuries-old attire worn by the Pages of Honour.

Why? According to legend, the future king was terrified of being bullied by his classmates at school.

“George, one of four pages assisting the monarch, voiced his concerns about having to wear white knee breeches,” the Mail stated.

According to a royal source, Prince George was also hesitant to wear tights due to the possibility of “ribaldry at school.”

Now, one could suppose that royal traditions are not readily changed or altered. However, over the years, King Charles has been quite receptive to modernising the monarchy, not just in terms of traditions, but also in terms of reducing the number of working royals.

When his grandson contacted him concerning coronation attire, King Charles is claimed to have listened and approved George’s requests.