Beloved Singer Dead At 38 After Botched Liposuction

Popular Peruvian singer Yuliana Perea has tragically passed away at the age of 38 due to complications arising from a liposuction procedure. The family has described her untimely death as a case of criminal medical negligence. According to a report by the New York Post, Perea suffered a heart attack while she was under anesthesia during the surgery. She was immediately rushed to the emergency room of a nearby hospital but passed away shortly thereafter.

An autopsy later confirmed that Perea died from acute bilateral pulmonary edema. Her mother, Purita Torres, was not even aware that her daughter was undergoing liposuction. She expressed deep sorrow and anger, stating, “She was always afraid that those things would go wrong. I want that doctor to rot in jail.” Purita was informed of her daughter’s death by her husband, who conveyed the devastating news that their “little girl” had died.

However, Yuliana Perea was not just a singer; she was also a certified obstetrician and held the position of the regional dean of the College of Obstetricians of Loreto. Her passing has been met with deep regret by the medical community as well. The National Dean of the College of Obstetricians of Peru, Obstetrician Mimi Lily Rojas Silva, along with the Board of Directors, extended their heartfelt condolences to Perea’s family, friends, and colleagues, confirming the news on Facebook and expressing their sorrow by saying, “Rest in peace, dear Yuliana.”

Perea leaves behind two children, aged 19 and 8, who must now navigate life without their mother. Her death has not only created a void in their lives but also in the arts and medical communities where she was a respected figure. The events surrounding her death are under scrutiny, as the family holds the medical professionals responsible for what they consider to be criminal negligence.

The case raises serious concerns about the safety protocols and ethical responsibilities involved in elective surgeries like liposuction. While the family grieves, there is a growing call for justice and accountability, seeking answers that may shed light on the unfortunate circumstances that led to the loss of Yuliana Perea.