Beloved TikTok Musician Cat Janice Has Passed Away at Age 31

Beloved TikTok musician Cat Janice as passed away.

Many people on the social media platform got to know Janice through her viral song, “Dance You Outta My Head,” which was inspired by her son. She then asked her social media followers to stream the song so that her beloved son could benefit from the proceeds following her passing.

Beloved TikTok Musician Cat Janice Has Passed Away At Age 31
Sadly, Cat Janice’s viral success came at the height of her battle with cancer. And as her mom confirmed on February 28, Janice had passed away.

She was just 31 years old.

“This morning, from her childhood home and surrounded by her loving family, Catherine peacefully entered the light and love of her heavenly creator,” her mom shared in a statement on Instagram.

“We are eternally thankful for the outpouring of love that Catherine and our family have received over the past few months. Cat saw her music go places she never expected and rests in the peace of knowing that she will continue to provide for her son through her music. This would not have been possible without all of you.”

As Cat’s family mourns her loss, Cat’s mom revealed that there was more Cat wanted to do with her art and the family will be fulfilling her wishes, postmortem.

“This page will be memorialized by Cat’s brother,” the statement shared. “He will also manage all operations surrounding Cat’s music, merchandise, and public relations. Per Cat’s request, there is some more art that she wants to share too. All in due time.”

Back in January, Cat Janice was in awe of the support she received from strangers.

“With everything going on in my health I never thought it would come down to something like this. I was just happy I got to actually walk down the aisle at my wedding to the man of my dreams. I never thought my incredibly scary turn with the ICU and attempt to buy me some time with my family would end up turning into an actual miracle,” Cat Janice wrote on Instagram.

“I’m just thankful to squeeze my boy more over this adorable little song we came up with in the car on a summer day. And I miss you all so much and wanna play and see some live music and I’m gonna work so hard to get my legs back and hit the first local jam I can find while I’ve got this God given time.”

And that’s exactly what Cat did.

Our thoughts are with Cat Janice’s family and friends, during this particularly difficult time.