Best World Destinations For an Unforgettable Vacation

The world is filled with innumerable intriguing and fascinating places that satiate your appetite for unique experiences. How does one choose the perfect destination for a vacation when there are so many attractive options available? Picking the perfect vacation destination can be a challenge.

Some places are known for their culture, while others are famous for their food, while still others are known for their shopping and adventure activities. Here’s a list of some of the world’s best vacation destinations that ought to be on your bucket list.

London, United Kingdom

London not just boasts of plenty of character but also a relentless quest for culture, shopping, food, attractions and a good life. One trip won’t be enough when it comes to assimilating London’s quintessential elegant yet funky charm. Visit the Tower of London, Tate Modern, Madame Tussauds and several other attractions to make the most of your English holiday.

How about high tea at one of the avant garde eateries or a trip to see the Buckingham Palace? Fashion, art, music and politics – London is the hub of a potpourri of experiences.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a casual, laid-back beachside city that is also a flourishing hub of activity that features some of the region’s best surfing destinations and activities. Then there are several attractions like the Opera House and Darling Harbor.

Sydney has something for everyone from trendy shopping districts to vibrant neighborhoods to relaxed coastal promenades. Go beach hooping by the day, and relax at one of the chic bars at sundown. Enjoy a walk at the Royal Botanical Gardens or spend time at Manly Beach.

Sydney also hosts several events such as the Noodles Market and Sculpture by the Sea. Museums, gardens or beach lounges, Sydney has got just about everything.

Florence, Italy

Florence is art personified. The unassuming little city, nestled amidst the hills of Tuscan boasts of an illustrious legacy of art, history and culture.

It wasn’t just the hub of Renaissance but also housed the iconic Medici clan along with legendary artist Michelangelo. Visit the chic shops lining Tornabuoni, where you can travel back into the 14th century.

However, Renaissance art is just the tip of Florence’s famous yet sublime character.

You’ve got to take a cooking class here and witness the city’s ultra romantic sunsets. Florence is where romance meets arts and glam.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

With a skyline that glimmers against a contrasting desert landscape, Dubai is an enigma. Tourists from around the planet make a beeline for its Middle East hotspot for its play hard character.

There’s a gorgeous shoreline, a much envied global culinary scene, state of the art attractions, one of its kind constructions and shopping like nowhere else! Dubai seems to defying the sky is the limit adage with its penchant for vertical growth.

The destination seems to perpetually be on a record breaking spree, featuring the world’s tallest structure, biggest shopping mall and more. Go to Jumeirah Beach, the vibrant Gold souks and the avant garde Dubai Mall.

Rome, Italy

Rome was named after Romulus and Remus, the mythical brothers believed to be the children of a war god. Today, it is not just known for its fascinating civilization, monuments and illustrious history but also delicious food and a plethora of museums. Stroll along Piazza Navona to enjoy its old-world style cobbled streets and cafes or tuck into a plate of authentic creamy pasta.

From visiting the Colosseum to witnessing the mysterious Vatican City, the city never seems to cease invigorating tourists with its modern yet richly seeped in history character. Oh, and if that is too outdated and archaic for you, there are dazzling storefronts, designer boutiques and edge restaurants.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Oahu perfectly merges urban luxury with inspiring natural beauty. It features an uber cool, cosmopolitan vibe and plenty of beaches, flanked by nature parks. There are hisroical attractions such as the USS Arizona Memorial and the loloni Palace.

Waikiki is undoubtedly the most happening place in the city, boasting of an array of high rises and swanky resorts. How about sapphire waters, and white sand beaches and multiple hiking trails? Oahu has top notch restaurants and a multitude of cultural events.

New York City, United States of America

New York City or the Big Apple is a mélange of heady urban experiences. There’s no escaping its penchant for luxury or appetite for consumerism. From designer stores on Fifth Avenue to department stores to quaint boutiques selling vintage stuff, NYC is a shopper’s paradise.

Then there’s Broadway, Wall Street, Times Square and innumerable eateries that a social media staple. You can’t not eat a hearty slice of New York pizza or sample its pathbreaking fusion food.

Witness the vivid culture and character of each neighborhood from the street markets of meat packing district to Brooklyn’s indie boutiques to Manhattans soaring skyscrapers, this dazzling urban jungle is a sheer delight.