‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Star Attacked By A Group Of Bikers

Celebrating New Year’s Eve often involves some sort of festivity, such as watching fireworks or counting down to midnight and blowing noise makers. For former “Beverly Hills 90210” star Ian Ziering, New Year’s Eve started quite differently than a celebration. It was an attack.

In a statement released on Instagram, Ziering explained that he and his daughter were in his car driving down Hollywood Blvd when they “experienced an alarming incident involving a group of individuals on mini bikes.” He added, “While stuck in traffic, my car was approached aggressively by one of these riders leading to an unsettling confrontation.”

Concerned that one of the mini bikes had hit his car and potentially caused damage to it, he got out to look at it. That’s when the situation “escalated into a physical altercation, which I navigated to protect myself.”

In footage of the incident, we can see Ziering standing outside a car on Hollywood Blvd when a swarm of mini bikers attack him and even chase him across the street, trying to stop him. You can also see him trying to console his 10-year-old daughter, who was in the car at the time.

In Ziering’s statement about the incident, he clarifies, “I am relieved to report that my daughter and I are both completely unscathed.”

Ziering drove away from the incident feeling “deeply concerned about the growing boldness of such groups who disrupt public safety and peace.” He added, “This situation highlights a larger issue of hooliganism on our streets and the need for effective law enforcement responses to such behavior.”

Ziering went on to call for a stronger response to similar incidents from the police. He wrote, “I urge city officials and law enforcement to take decisive action against such lawlessness and provide the necessary resources to prevent future occurrences.”

The police confirm that they did respond to an incident at the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave on New Year’s Eve after receiving “reports of a fight that broke out after the group of bikers were driving recklessly.”