Child star Mason Reese dumped by model after sex drive confessions

Mason Reese has been dumped by his much-younger girlfriend — just days after he cruelly claimed she was not the best lover he ever had.

Reese — a 57-year-old former child star who shot to fame after starring in a series of popular commercials in the 1970s — began dating OnlyFans model Sara Russi, 29, back in 2019.

But Russi ended the relationship last week after Reese made the rude remark about her bedroom skills in an episode of the web TV series “Love Don’t Judge.”

“It’s been messy,” Russi admitted of the split in an interview with Femail on Wednesday. “He’s said mean things to me and I’ve said mean things to him, but our relationship sadly just became like roommates.”

The couple’s three-year romance was the subject of much media attention — not only because of their age difference, but also their striking height difference.

Reese measures just 4-foot-10 and also uses a mobility scooter on a full-time basis. Russi was seen riding the vehicle with her much-older beau on multiple occasions, sparking accusations of gold-digging.

In the episode of “Love Don’t Judge” — which was released to YouTube last week — Reese is asked whether Russi is the best lover he’s ever had.

“I’m not the best I’ve ever been — let’s just say that,” Reese coyly responded, using self-deprecation to escape the question.

Russi, who was sitting next to her partner, looked shocked and replied: “You said I was!”

“I don’t recall saying that,” Reese snapped back, with an awkward argument ensuing on-screen.

While the cringe-inducing conversation may have been the catalyst for the couple’s split, they’ve spoken about their mismatched libidos in the past.

In 2019, Reese admitted he was often hornier than younger Russi, who couldn’t keep up with his insatiable appetite.

“I do have a bit higher sex drive — I’ve always been a highly driven sexual guy. I know I don’t look like it, but I am,” the pint-size star declared in an interview with the British daytime talk show “This Morning.”

“We have sex an average of twice a week,” Reese added. “I might be happier with three [times a week]. But twice is a good compromise for me.”

In the same interview, Russi confessed that sleeping with her man twice a week felt “like a lot.”

The pink-haired beauty isn’t wallowing over the end of her relationship with Reese. She’s revealed she’s already dating another Instagram influencer.

Russi — whose raunchy OnlyFans account boasts tens of thousands of followers — is not wasting any time wallowing over her split from Reese.

“My relationship with Mason was starting to feel more like a friendship, so after our last episode of ‘Love Don’t Judge’ where he made those comments, we had a conversation and ended it,” she told Femail.

The model also revealed that she’s already started seeing someone, another influencer who goes by the name Three6.

“We have a lot in common,” Russi cooed of her new beau. “I had to force Mason to do videos, but Three6 is all about content creation, which is great. We have a lot more chemistry and connection.”