Christie Brinkley’s Daughter Sailor Recalls Life-Changing Advice Mom Gave Her

Christie Brinkley is one proud mother, encouraging 24-year-old daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook time and again. Sailor is following in her mother’s footsteps as a model and thankfully Brinkley has given her daughter advice as she embarks on her career.

In fact, there is one piece of advice from Brinkley that Sailor holds in particular regard. Worth note, this advice is not specifically about modeling; it’s not about the secret to the perfect pose, or how to promote a great portfolio. It’s primarily about human decency, a worthy topic to teach from the woman Sailor calls “a big inspiration.”

Christie Brinkley offers advice about kindness

“I think the biggest piece of advice that she gave me is to, first of all, be as kind as humanly possible to everyone around me that I’m working with,” shared Sailor. “And that’s something I really try and stay strong on, even if I’m in a bad mood or anything like that.” In a similar vein, Brinkley also advised Sailor to be “as gracious as you can.”

Sailor has taken that advice to heart. “I always try and introduce myself to everyone in the room,” Sailor says. “And I always try and acknowledge everyone in the room. Because I mean, my job is almost pretty much the easiest.”

Treat yourself with kindness and respect too, advice from Brinkley also suggests

Brinkley has given Sailor advice about how to build her portfolio, to be sure. “Both of us are always connected to what we do,” Sailor has noted. “That’s something I take a lot of pride in and try not to do things just to do things.” The passion has to be there. That’s seen Sailor become one of the faces of Silk Nextmilk’s new campaign, which encourages a new generation of daily drinkers to choose their plant-based beverage.

But Brinkley has also taught Sailor the lessons to make sure her daughter considers everyone’s comfort and happiness whenever she embarks on a new project. Sailor seeks to “maintain a reputation where people feel safe and comfortable and loved and happy around me and appreciated.” That sounds like advice everyone ought to heed!