CNN Panel Rips Biden for Not Acknowledging Grandchild: ‘So Incongruent’ With Who We’ve Been Told He Is

President Joe Biden is facing criticism for not acknowledging his seventh grandchild from another mainstream outlet.

A CNN panel discussed a column penned by Maureen Dowd and published by The New York Times that slammed Biden for not recognizing his granddaughter Navy Roberts, the daughter of Hunter Biden.

Navy Roberts’ mother, Lunden Roberts, gave birth to her in 2018. A DNA test in 2019 determined Hunter Biden is the father.

CNN’s Dana Bash called the story “sad and disturbing on so many levels.”

“It’s complicated. Families are really, really hard especially when you have issues that we have seen in this one,” she continued.

Still, Bash said, “But [Biden’s] also the president, and again he also has a political brand.”

Meanwhile, Jackie Kucinich, the Washington bureau chief for The Boston Globe, argued it is “striking” that the story “is all revolving around a 4-year-old.”

She pointed out a story in The New York Times revealed Navy “has knowledge of who her paternal grandfather is.”

“That I think is the hard thing to reconcile both politically and just reading it as human,” she continued.

Finally, Kucinich added, “It is so incongruent to who we’ve been told Joe Biden is for… ever.”

Joe Biden has reportedly not met his granddaughter.

He has previously spoken about how often he talks to his six other grandchildren.