Colt Ford has said that he had a heart attack at the Dierks Bentley show and that he “passed away twice.”

Soon after his performance in Gilbert, Arizona, the country music superstar had a heart attack, which led to his admission to the hospital in the month of April.

Following a concert in Phoenix, Arizona, when he had a heart attack in April, country musician Colt Ford recently gave a horrific tale of his near-loss experience. The event took place in April.

In an interview that took place on the Big D & Bubba program, the musician, who is 54 years old, detailed his story and disclosed that he does not have any memories of the night in question.

“I didn’t even remember coming out here to do a show in Phoenix, and apparently we played this great, sold-out show and it was incredible,” Ford said during the phone conversation. “It was an incredible experience from start to finish.” “I walked back to the bus, texted my fiancée, ‘Hi baby,’ and fell over passed.”

Before reaching the hospital, Ford detailed two separate instances in which he passed away. He expressed his thanks to the members of his band who raced to his rescue. “Two times, I passed away. To my good fortune, my band came out to see how I was doing… When all of a sudden, that was the moment when everything went to hell.

According to his agent, Ford had just recently played at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row in Gilbert, Arizona, prior to the occasion where the incident occurred. Later on, he was discovered in the intensive care unit in a “stable but critical condition.”

As Ford reflected on the events that followed the text message he sent to his fiancee, he said, “I don’t remember anything.” Although he was told that he was being moved to a different hospital in order to get better treatment, he “passed away on the way over” before being brought back to life by medical personnel.

Ford made the following statement as he reflected on his survival: “The Lord had more for me to do, more music for me to make, and hopefully more differences to make in the lives of some people.”

In the event that Ford regained consciousness two days later, his medical professionals provided him with a gloomy prognosis. “I had so much trauma to my body and my heart, they had to put three stents in,” he said to reporters. “There’s just so much going on, and then all of a sudden my gallbladder crapped out on me.”

The immense support that Ford got throughout his recuperation was something that he expressed thanks for, despite the difficulties he faced. “It has completely altered my life. Changes have occurred on a spiritual level. “It is obvious that there has been a change in the physical state,” he said passionately.

During his speech, Ford underlined the need of savoring each day and pledged to come back even more powerful than before. “Live every day like it’s your last because one day it will be,” he told the audience. “I’m gonna try to come back bigger and stronger and better than ever.”

During the course of the last several years, Ford has struggled with his health. The declaration that the artist had been diagnosed with eye cancer was made public in the year 2021. Ford disclosed in 2023 that he had obtained a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis after he had triumphed over the condition.

During the launch of his new album, Must Be the Country, in May 2023, Ford disclosed to Taste of Country that he had been diagnosed with an autoimmune ailment known as Myasthenia Gravis; this information was provided to the publication. “It has been a hardship. To tell you the truth, the last year became really challenging for me. This is an illness, and there is no treatment available for it.

Myasthenia gravis is a condition that, as stated by the Mayo Clinic, “causes muscles that are under your voluntary control to sensation weak and to become tired very quickly.” This occurs when there is a breakdown in the communication that occurs between the nerves and the muscles.

The country artist posted a video from his hospital bed the previous week, in which he showed off a significant chest scar that he had received as a result of his recent operation. He did not back down from his statement, admitting that it is very possible that he would be unable to perform at concerts for the balance of the year while he concentrates on his recovery.