Country Singer Cancels Tour Due To “Some Serious Anxiety”

Multiple musicians have had to cancel or postpone tour dates due to unforeseen circumstances including health issues. Now, another musician is canceling a few tour dates due to his mental health.

Country singer Michael Hardy, whose stage name is simply Hardy, was originally scheduled to perform on October 5th, 6th and 7th. He is canceling two of those tour dates and rescheduling the other tour date.

Hardy posted an announcement about the cancelation and an explanation on Instagram. He explained, “I’ve been dealing with some serious anxiety since the bus accident last year and over the last two weeks, it has taken control of my life. It’s caused me to suffer many panic attacks which have landed me in the hospital.”

Hardy continued, “I need a moment to focus on me and to make myself better for my wife, family and you, the fans.” That is why he has decided to take a breath and cancel two of his upcoming tour dates. However, he does plan to resume the tour. He shared, “My plan is to be back and focused on Oct 12th.”

The bus accident that Hardy mentioned in his post happened on October 1, 2022. Hardy and three members of his team were leaving a show in Bristol, Tennessee, when the accident happened. At the time, he shared that everyone on the tour bus was “treated for significant injuries.” He asked fans to keep him in their prayers as he took time to recover. He also shared that the bus driver suffered the most serious injuries and he asked for prayer for his recovery as well.

Anyone who has tickets to the Hardy shows for October 5th and 7th can request a refund through the source where they purchased the tickets. Anyone who has tickets to the October 6th show should keep their tickets because the show is being rescheduled for April 12, 2024.