Country Singer Tragically Dies Just Hours After His Wedding

Country Singer Tragically Dies Just Hours After His Wedding

His wedding night was supposed to be the best night of his life. But for country music singer Jake Flint, 37, it ended up being his last night of life. The singer who was based in Oklahoma died suddenly in his sleep on his wedding night after he married the love of his life in a heartwarming ceremony earlier in the day.

The wedding vows between Jake Flint and his wife Brenda Flint took place in the singer’s remote home near Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cause of death for the country music singer has not yet been reported. However, it seems that Flint died in his sleep later the same night as his wedding only a few hours after he exchanged vows with Brenda promising to love her until his dying day, which he did.

Flint passed away Saturday night after the wedding ceremony which took place between Claremore and Owasso near Tulsa.

Everyone learned the tragic news of Flint’s death on Sunday morning when his bride awoke to find her newlywed husband dead in bed. Mike Hosty, who parades around Norman with his one-man band, played the wedding and was shocked by the outcome of the wedding night celebration.

“It was rainy, but he’d rented a 40-by-60 circus tent. … They put up a bunch of carpets over the mud and then got two pieces of three-and-a-quarter-inch plywood and set it on the ground — and that was my stage. Jake goes, ‘Is that gonna be all right for you?’ And I go, ‘Jake, that’s perfect.’ A piece of plywood or a flatbed trailer is where I shine,” said Hosty. “I still have the mud in my old van … but it was just a fun wedding. And it’s just a tragedy what happened.”

Hosty was devastated that the singer-songwriter passed away in his sleep.

“He was a singer-songwriter, through and through, and just a big personality, a big heart, and (he’d) bend over backward to do anything for you. When any musician asks you to play at their wedding, it’s one of those most important days … and it’s always an honor,” Hosty said. “I really just like remembering that happy moment of seeing them being married … but I really feel for Brenda.”

On Tuesday, Brenda, who was coping with her grief at having lost her husband so soon after their wedding, wrote: “We should be going through wedding photos but instead I have to pick out clothes to bury my husband in. People aren’t meant to feel this much pain.”

Flint’s longtime publicist Clif Doyal confirmed the country music singer’s death.

“He was not only a client, but he was also a dear friend and just a super nice guy. As you can see from the outpouring on social media, he was loved by everybody. I think a lot of it was just that he was a people person, and he had an amazing sense of humor. He made everybody laugh, and he made everybody feel welcome,” Doyal said. “He was an ambassador for Oklahoma Red Dirt music.”