Country Super Star Wynonna Judd’s Daughter Arrested

Grace Pauline Kelley, daughter of country music icon Wynonna Judd, finds herself in legal trouble yet again. Kelley, 27, was arrested in Alabama for alleged indecent exposure and obstructing governmental operations.

According to reports, Kelley was apprehended by the Millbrook Police Department for flashing drivers along Interstate 65 and Highway 14. She faces charges of indecent exposure for exposing her breasts and “lower body” and obstructing governmental operations for refusing to identify herself to the police.

Her bond is set at $1,000 and her court date is set for Thursday, April 11.

This isn’t the first time Kelley has had a run-in with the law. In 2016, she was arrested on drug charges and later pleaded guilty to meth-related offenses. Despite serving time and being granted parole, Kelley’s legal troubles persisted, resulting in multiple arrests, including one in May 2023 for violating an order of protection and parole. She was released five months later, in October.

Kelley’s journey has been a source of concern for her family, especially her mother, Wynonna Judd. “I will tell you this. My daughter is the strongest Judd woman in our her story,” Judd expressed during an appearance on “The Pursuit! with John Rich.”

Addressing her daughter’s struggles, Judd expressed admiration for Kelley’s resilience but acknowledged the challenges she faces. “She’s healthier than I was at 23,” Judd remarked. “How she got there — I would not go that way, but I was also sequestered.”

Despite the hardships, Kelley has a daughter named Kaliyah Chanel, born in April 2022. “She’s 6 months old and she doesn’t speak yet but she looks right through me,” Judd said. “She gives me hope. …. [Grandkids] they give you something to think about other than yourself. Because so much of what we do is about us, so it’s nice to be with her because she doesn’t care what I look like.”

In the midst of family sorrow, Kaliyah has emerged as a beacon of joy for Wynonna and her loved ones. However, the family has faced profound challenges, particularly with the tragic loss of their beloved mother, Naomi Judd, in April 2022.

Naomi and Wynonna, renowned music partners as The Judds, shared an unbreakable bond. Reflecting on their mother’s passing, the sisters expressed their deep anguish, acknowledging the profound impact of mental illness on their lives.

“Today, we, as sisters, are grappling with an immense tragedy. The loss of our cherished mother to the throes of mental illness has left us shattered,” they conveyed in a heartfelt statement. “As we navigate this journey of profound grief, we find solace in knowing that her love was felt not only by us but also by her devoted fans. We are traversing uncharted waters, seeking comfort and strength in each other.”

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