‘Days of Our Lives’ Star Greg Vaughan Hospitalized

Greg Vaughan, known for his roles in “Days of Our Lives” and “Queen Sugar,” recently faced a health scare during a family vacation in Colorado. The 50-year-old actor was diagnosed with severe altitude sickness after experiencing symptoms like fatigue, headaches, and shortness of breath during a skiing trip with his sons in Breckenridge.

Vaughan detailed his ordeal on Instagram, describing how his condition rapidly worsened despite attempts to alleviate his symptoms with over-the-counter remedies. Eventually, he sought medical attention and was shocked to learn that his blood oxygen level had plummeted to 54%, with his lungs filled with fluids.

Altitude sickness occurs when the body struggles to adjust to high altitudes, where oxygen levels are lower. According to medical sources, a normal blood oxygen level should be 95% or higher, indicating Vaughan’s critical condition.


Fortunately, Vaughan received prompt medical care, including intravenous fluids and oxygen therapy, which helped improve his oxygen saturation to a safer level. Despite the scare, he maintained his trademark sense of humor, joking about his oxygen tank and expressing gratitude for the reminder to appreciate life’s simple joys.

Altitude sickness is a common risk for travelers visiting Colorado’s ski resorts, especially at elevations of 8,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level. The CDC advises gradual acclimatization over several days to mitigate the risk of illness.

For Vaughan, the health scare serves as a reminder of the importance of being mindful of one’s physical limits, even for seasoned adventurers. His experience may help travelers to prioritize safety and heed warning signs of altitude sickness, particularly in mountainous regions.

Amid his recovery, Vaughan continues to focus on family, recently celebrating his engagement to actress Angie Harmon. Despite stepping away from his long-standing role on “Days of Our Lives” in 2020, Vaughan’s impact on television remains significant, with his character’s storyline still unfolding on screen.

Have you ever experienced altitude sickness or know someone who has?