Detail in new Archie picture confirms rumors are true

One of the reasons Harry and Meghan wanted to relocate to the United States was to have more privacy. But, while they haven’t been shy about discussing their past, as evidenced by the Netflix series that aired last year and Harry’s book, Spare, their family life has remained very quiet.

Harry and Meghan have rarely shared photos of their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, but fans finally got a glimpse of what the two small children look like in the Netflix series last year.

It’s been approximately 10 months since then, and everyone knows how rapidly children grow up. Perhaps this is why so many people reacted so strongly when a fresh photo of Archie was presented in Harry’s latest Netflix documentary Heart of Invictus which has people talking.

The couple now tends to live a more quieter life and keep their children away from the spotlight.

When Archie Mountbatten-Windsor was born on May 6, 2019, Harry and Meghan posed with him in front of the Portland Hospital in London, where he was born, as is the tradition.

“Today The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to share their first public moment as a family,” the Sussexes wrote.

Later, Harry and Meghan took a trip to South Africa where they met Archbishop Desmond Tutu. “Thank you Archbishop Tutu for your incredibly warm hospitality, Archie loved meeting you!” they wrote on Instagram along with a series of photos of their son.

However, that changed when the Netflix documentary about Harry and Meghan, consisting of six episodes, aired. In the first episode of the documentary, the Sussexes provided people from all over the world with an intimate look into the family life at their home in Montecito, California which was previously described as “Fort Knox,” and security is tight.

With that said, fans were able to take a closer look at Archie and Lilibet as well.

Archie, being the older sibling, stole the show quite a few times and viewers were able to hear him speak for the first time.

In one of the scenes, the father and the son are seen birth-watching from their patio. As they were eager to watch the hummingbirds, Harry asked from Archie to be quiet so that he could hear the sound of the nature.

“We won’t get a chance to be this close to hummingbirds ever again,” Harry told Archie. Well, being just a toddler, Archie did quite the opposite and started speaking in a loud voice.

In one moment, he could be heard saying, “I’ve got a dirty foot mama because I was with you,” which made his parents laugh. “You’ve got a dirty foot, sweetheart,” Meghan replied. “Papa is a birdwatcher so this is a really big moment for him.”

The series treated the fans with plenty of other beautiful family photos and videos, including one where Harry is resting on Meghan’s baby bump. Then, Meghan and Archie feeding their chickens, and Harry pushing Lili in a baby stroller.

What fans found the cutest of all is a photo of Harry and Archie posing under an umbrella while the little one wears a knitted hooded jumper with bear ears. There was also another photo of Archie which made people emotional. He could be seen looking at a photo of his late grandmother, Princess Diana.

Another short video of Archie was also included in the documentary. It showed a beautiful sunset and Meghan asking him what he thinks of it.

“Well, it’s all done, beautiful,” he answers.

And as much as many found Archie adorable, they couldn’t help but share their thoughts on the way he speaks, or better said, on his accent. It is obvious that he has adopted an American accent.

“Not Archie having the most adorable American accent,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“Prince Archie has an American accent? I didn’t have any expectations of what he’d sound like but it was not that,” a second person tweeted.

Experts spoke of the possibilities of Archie speaking with an American accent and that is totally normal as he’s constantly interacting with local children. This doesn’t mean, however, that he wouldn’t be able to switch between accents once he grows older.

“If Archie’s first experience of mixing with other kids is in a Los Angeles preschool, he will develop a Californian US accent,” Geoffrey Pullum, linguist and emeritus professor of general linguistics at the University of Edinburgh explained.

“He may learn to speak like an American kid in California, but be able to switch to a British accent when he visits in England,” Berko Gleason, an emerita professor at Boston University who researches language acquisition, added

The Sussexes might be causing a stir with their series and Harry’s book Spare which was published two weeks ago, but they are definitely seem to be living their lives to the fullest.

New picture of Prince Archie
However, with millions of loyal fans and most of the public seeking information about the little boy, the longing for secrecy was ignored as it was a beach of the “unwritten contract between the royals and the public.”

“Behind the scenes, matters were so fraught that more than one official — as I know from personal experience — was reduced to tears of frustration and despair,” Rebecca English, royal editor of the Daily Mail, added.

Archie was born at the Portland Hospital in London, rather than St. Mary’s, as has been the royal custom. Meghan’s doctor worked there, and the Sussexes were advised that photos would be impossible due to safety concerns around the door.

Fortunately, despite appearing in his parents’ Netflix documentary series last year, Archie does not have to worry about cameras or paparazzi photographers.

However, royal fans all across the world were treated to a new image of Archie in Harry’s new documentary on the Invictus Games, which premiered on Netflix in late August. And it’s reasonable to say the young prince is maturing.

The Duke gave the audience with a new snapshot of Archie in one clip, which was shot in Harry and Meghan’s Montecito. The 4-year-old youngster was photographed standing on Harry’s desk, holding a toy and clothed in white sneakers, a blue pullover with the letter A emblazoned across the chest, and gray pants.

Harry’s speech about Archie in new documentary

It’s safe to say he resembles his father and will most likely be his double in a few years.

Harry delivered an address to all competitors competing in the 2022 Invictus Games, as seen in the documentary series Heart of Invictus. He then got personal.

His son Archie had just turned three at the time, and the Duke provided some insights on what his kid hoped to work with in the future.

“To be role models, or the role models that each of you are, takes strength, and it takes courage,” Harry said.

“When I talk to my son Archie about what he wants to be when he grows up, some days it’s an astronaut, other days it’s a pilot – a helicopter pilot, obviously. Or Kwazii from Octonauts. If you’re laughing, then you’ve seen that,” he quipped.

Archie like the cartoon series Octonauts, according to Harry. It follows a squad of animals who work as a rescue team at sea.

“But what I remind him is that no matter what you want to be when you grow up, it’s your character that matters most, and nothing would make his mum and me prouder than to see him have the character of what we see before us today,” Harry continued.

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