Diana Ross’ tears of grief

The extraordinary abilities of Diana Ross’ family are well-known around the world. However, tragedy befell this well-known family, leaving the members in deep shock. Here are undiscovered tales regarding Ross’ death.

Diana Ross was a megastar and the label powerhouse for Motown Records. She was also the member of her family with the most notoriety. Even though her brother Arthur T-Boy is also a singer/songwriter, his time in the spotlight was brief.

Sadly, the celebrity’s younger brother, who was 47, was discovered dead in 1996 along with his 54-year-old new wife, Patricia Robinson. When the authorities found the couple’s bodies in the basement of their Detroit suburb condominium, their body parts had already started to rot.

The remains were discovered at least two weeks after the occurrence, and the authorities concluded after a brief examination that they had died from suffocation.

Diana and her brother were estranged at the time. Even though she introduced him to her record label as a songwriter, the deceased was worried about his sister’s success and thought her fame exceeded his.

Their relationship was hampered by this emotion. Diana, though, voiced her sorrow following his passing. She continued by saying that learning of the deaths of her brother’s family members on the same day was tragic and shocking.

The legendary singer acknowledged that, despite their disagreements, she adored her brother and that his passing was painful.

The Motown legend confirmed her love for the late man in a letter that was written while she was abroad in Japan and read by her daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross.

Despite the fact that Arthur did not become as well-known as his famous sister, he had a great gift that made him a skilled song composer. For a while, the man wrote songs for well-known performers like Marvin Gaye while working for Motown Records.

Later, he switched to music production and released the album “Changes.” He was disappointed that this album did not immediately launch him into the spotlight, so he contrasted himself with Diana.

If Authur hadn’t caved into drug use and developed a cocaine addiction, he might have accomplished more before his passing as a talented writer despite not having a college degree. Friends claimed that he passed away just as he was going to completely alter his lifestyle and return his attention to music.

When the tragedy occurred in 1996, Ricky Brooks and Regina Smith, the tenants of the house where the bodies were discovered, were questioned by the police.

Finally, charges of the murder plot and felony murder were brought against two men, Brooks and Ramel Howard. The police acknowledged that it was a drug-related offense.