Donald Trump Faces Backlash After Making Comments About Melania

Donald Trump Faces Backlash After Making Comments About Melania

Women are more likely to undergo cosmetic surgery than men. And one celebrity who was rumored to have gone under the knife – more than once – was former first lady Melania Trump.

Now, her husband, former President Donald Trump, has released some shocking comments about Melania’s face, according to MSNBC journalist and anchor Mika Brzezinski. Although the MSNBC host claimed that Trump said that Melania never went under the knife, the former model’s interest in the procedure was very telling.

Brzezinski was talking about Trump and Melania’s cosmetic procedure during an appearance on the New Abnormal podcast. During that interview, the journalist began speaking about Trump’s shocking comments on his now-defunct Twitter account. However, the MSNBC host said that she was having a “woman to woman” moment with Melania when Trump interrupted them and denied that Melania had ever had surgery.

The comments came after Trump publicly shamed Brzezinski, claiming he saw her “bleeding badly from a facelift.” Trump’s shocking comments were branded as “face shaming.”

During the podcast appearance, Brzezinski spoke about the time she was interviewing the Trumps in their bedroom about eight weeks after Trump had won the 2016 election against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

She shared, “Melania was very curious about [the procedure]. I’m talking to Melania about it, woman to woman, then Donald came up and said, ‘you know, Melania has had no work done. She’s perfect.’ I’m like, ‘that’s great.’”

After she spoke about this incident, Twitter erupted with comments about how Trump was probably not telling the truth.

“You knew Trump was lying because he was breathing.”

Another person said: “She looks like a whole new person. Come on now, please. She’s beginning to look like an old cat now. I’m gonna be laughing at that one all day. Whew. . Lordy.”

“Every woman in Trump’s orbit has had massive amounts of plastic surgery.”

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, plastic surgery is becoming more popular among Americans. And during the pandemic, plastic surgery procedures increased in frequency.

Prime Plastic Surgery’s Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert Singer spoke to KUSI news about the uptick in plastic surgery during the pandemic. The surgeon believes that more people are going under the knife because they are observing themselves on digital video platforms like Zoom and WebEx.

Because people are forced to stare at their faces while working with colleagues, they are becoming more interested in fixing perceived flaws in the way they look. Plastic surgery has always offered people an opportunity to do this, but now that procedures are more affordable than ever, more people are able to gain access to them.

As for the truth about Melania, only she and her close contacts know whether or not she has gone under the knife. Although many people have suspected Melania of undergoing plastic surgery, her husband denies it, and she remains silent on the issue.

Do you think Melania Trump has had plastic surgery during her lifetime, or is her husband telling the truth?