“Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson posts heartbroken message about Sadie’s daughter

Witnessing her granddaughter Honey James being treated in a hospital for a respiratory condition, Korie Robertson stated her “heart is a wreck.” Despite feeling helpless, the Duck Dynasty mother acknowledged that the 4-month-old is a warrior.

Earlier this week, Sadie Robertson Huff reported that Honey had been admitted to the hospital due to the respiratory syncytial virus. RSV symptoms like the flu, but it can be serious for young children, according to the CDC. Huff said the situation was being handled by the family in private, but she made the decision to speak out since she is aware that the sickness affects many other individuals.

From her hospital room, Korie Robertson posted pictures of Sadie and Honey.

She captioned the pictures, saying, “Watching your grandkids get sick is a whole different level than having your kids get sick. “Your heart is in shambles for that little unwell grandchild as well as the anxiety and weariness you know your baby girl is feeling for her little girl!”

Korie Robertson praised Sadie for handling this trying moment so admirably. And she’s pleased that Honey has a little of her mother’s tenacity.

She wrote, “(Sadie) you are a fantastic mama!!!!” “I enjoy seeing you love and care for Honey in such a wonderful and powerful way. She is the cutest, strongest, and most entertaining little angel on earth!

Over the past year, the Robertsons have experienced a number of major health concerns. Sadie, Uncle Si, and Korie Robertson all had COVID-19. Additionally, Bella Robertson developed a different, severe respiratory infection.

With sickness in the family, we’ve had a difficult few of months, Korie wrote on Facebook. We are hoping for a reversal and a lengthy period of excellent health for all of our large and young ones.

Sadie Robertson Huff asserted that this last week has seen her cry more than any other time in her life. But it has increased the happiness of the little joys. This is the first difficult illness the 24-year-old has had to witness in her four-month-old daughter.

Even though it’s not quite over, Sadie expressed optimism.

Sadie Robertson wrote on Instagram, “The last few days have been really difficult. “One of the most terrible things is having to see your child get sick. I cry like I’ve never cried when I see her little struggle, but seeing her courage has made me grin like I’ve never smiled. I have an incomparable passion for this girl. Her fierce and kind fighter attitude makes us laugh when we really want to cry. A dark room has been made brighter by the nurses and physicians’ love for her and their amusement at her foolishness despite her illness. Sad to say, it’s not done yet, but we have hope for the days ahead!