Ed Sheeran caught Covid seven times amid wife Cherry’s tumour battle

Ed Sheeran had a difficult 2022, struggling with both the death of his best friend Jamal Edwards, and the worrying news that his wife, Cherry Seaborn, was diagnosed with a tumour while pregnant.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, the Subtract hitmaker revealed he’d struggled with his own health too, sharing that he’d contracted Covid at least seven times.

The father of two, who raises children Lyra, two, and Jupiter, eight months, with Cherry, shared that he’d managed to catch the virus so many times thanks to “constant travel and the kids,” but is now living a healthy lifestyle, which will hopefully keep in top condition ahead of his upcoming tour dates.

Explaining his trim physique, the 32-year-old shared he does an hour of weightlifting a day and has quit drinking hard liquor, but has struggled with eating issues in the past after comparing himself to fellow pop stars including Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes.

“I’m like, ‘why don’t I have a six-pack?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, because you love kebabs and drink beer.’ Then you do songs with Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes. All these people have fantastic figures. And I was always like, ‘Well, why am I so … fat?’”

He went on to share that he developed bulimia, saying he found himself “gorging, and then it would come up again.”

“I have a real eating problem,” he says. “I’m a real binge eater. I’m a binge-everything. But I’m now more of a binge exerciser.”

Thankfully Ed is in a better place now, and Cherry is doing well following her tumour, which was operated on following the birth of their second daughter Jupiter in May 2022.