Embracing Love: From Being Called “Monkey” to Happiness

Discover a journey of self-acceptance and embracing love as one person overcomes hurtful labels to find true happiness.

Embracing love, Beatriz Pugliese, a remarkable woman from Brazil, defies societal norms with her 80% body-covering birthmark. In a loving relationship for nine years, she courageously embraces her appearance without opting for additional surgeries.

“They told me I looked like a monkey.”

Introducing Beatriz Pugliese, a charming 28-year-old woman from São Paulo, born with a rare nevus birthmark, affecting only one in 500,000 individuals. In discussing her approach to life, Beatriz graciously imparted an inspiring viewpoint: “I’d always tell others that we have to learn to be happy with what we have, in every sense of life but specifically in our differences. We have to see what we are inside.”

While it may sound cliché, the truth remains that accepting our natural selves is essential.

In 2008, after her final surgery, she bravely chose to halt any future procedures and wholeheartedly embrace her distinct appearance. In her own words, she stated, “I hope to inspire other people to embrace who they are, and to be confident in their own skin.”

Ms. Pugliese, who once faced hurtful comparisons to monkeys during her childhood, has transformed her experiences into a profound affection for primates and wildlife. Her passion for nature has ignited a desire to work closely with these captivating creatures.

Feelings transcend superficialities like skin type, embracing love without discrimination.

Alongside her inspiring journey, Ms. Pugliese has also found love with her husband, Fellipe Koroboff, a 30-year-old cook. They first met during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and their relationship has flourished ever since.

According to Ms. Pugliese, her husband’s unconditional love and acceptance of her birthmarks have significantly boosted her self-confidence. She expresses gratitude for his unwavering support, stating, “My birthmarks have never been a problem for him. He provides me with all the support I could ever need.”

Grateful for her family’s unwavering acceptance, she cherishes their unconditional love.

Ms. Pugliese’s heartfelt gratitude goes to her unwaveringly supportive family. They ensured she never felt different, allowing her to dress freely and not pressuring her to hide her skin. Their unconditional acceptance and encouragement nurtured her self-confidence and to embrace her individuality.

Birthmarks transform individuals into living canvases, each bearing a personal tale that celebrates the beauty of diversity. These unique marks radiate charm, reminding us that embracing our differences weaves vibrant hues into humanity’s tapestry.