Famous Star Was Contacted To Be ‘The Golden Bachelorette’

A few months ago ABC’s ‘The Golden Bachelorette’ was considering several different women to be The Golden Bachelorette for the upcoming series. Apparently, they came knocking on Soap Star Susan Lucci’s door. She is most famous for playing Erica Kane on ‘All My Children.’

Susan Lucci lost her husband Helmut Huber 2022. Huber was 84 years old and they had shared 52 years of marriage. He was an Austrian-born chef and businessman. They got married on September 13, 1969, and remained together until Huber’s passing on March 28, 2022. Together, Susan Lucci and Helmut Huber have two children and several grandchildren.

The 77-year-old star told People Magazine that ABC contacted her about possibly becoming the very first

Golden Bachelorette* but she declined the offer. In an interview with People, Lucci said she is a recent fan of ‘The Bachelor’ series. She went so far as to say ‘The Golden Bachelor’ is a “new addiction for me.”

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ABC announced on May 14 that Joan Vassos, a contestant from season 1 will be ‘The Golden Bachelorette’ this fall. Ms. Vassos is 61 years old. She recently appeared on Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour podcast where she divulged why she wants to be the Golden Bachelorette.

She said, “I really want love” and “I want to have somebody in my life. I feel like life is better when you share it with somebody. I truly believe all of that.” She also mentioned she did not want to go on a dating website.