From the Field to the Stage: Celebrating the Life of a Multi-Talented Star at 76

Carl Weathers, a well-known actor, is most recognized for his portrayal of Apollo Creed in the “Rocky” film series, including “Rocky,” ”Rocky II,” “Rocky III,” and “Rocky IV.” According to IMDB, he has appeared in a total of 80 films and TV shows. Some of his other notable credits include “Happy Gilmore,” “Predator,” and his most recent role as Greef Karga in 9 episodes of the TV series “The Mandalorian.”

On February 1, 2024, Weathers passed away at the age of 76, as confirmed by his manager Matt Luber to Variety. The cause of his death has not been disclosed.

Before pursuing acting, Weathers was a professional football player for San Diego State University and later the Oakland Raiders. However, in 1974, he retired from football to focus on his acting career.

According to Yahoo! Entertainment, Weathers had a passion for acting even while playing football. He majored in theater arts at San Diego State University.

In 1975, Weathers landed his first acting role, just one year after retiring from football. However, it was his role in “Rocky” in 1976 that catapulted him to fame. In 2021, he received an Emmy nomination for his performance in “The Mandalorian.”

Upon hearing the news of Weathers’ passing, actor Adam Sandler, who worked with him on “Happy Gilmore,” paid tribute to him on X (formerly Twitter). Sandler wrote, “A true great man. Great dad. Great actor. Great athlete. So much fun to be around always. Smart as hell. Loyal as hell. Funny as hell. Loved his sons more than anything. What a guy!! Everyone loved him. My wife and I had the best times with him every time we saw him. Love to his entire family and Carl will always be known as a true legend.”

Weathers was married three times. His first marriage was to Mary Ann Castle from 1973 to 1983, and they had two sons together. Their marriage ended in divorce, and Weathers went on to marry Rhona Unsell in 1984. They also divorced, and he later married Jennifer Peterson in 2007. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 2009.

Weathers is survived by his two sons, Jason and Matthew Weathers. He will be remembered as a talented actor, a devoted father, and a true legend.