George Lopez Comedy Show Controversy

George Lopez, the popular actor and comedian that had his own show called ‘George Lopez’ in the early 2000s, created controversy this weekend at his own casino comedy show.

The comedian has aged since he was on the popular sitcom. He appears to be more than his 63 years. The video clip shown below is reminiscent of a coach with his little league team telling the kids about three strikes and you’re out rules. According to Wikipedia, Lopez has a kidney condition that causes his kidneys to break down.

In the clip, a fan interrupts the show and George says “That’s One.” The audience seems confused as to if the comedian is joking, and then George gives Warning #2.

After a lady offers to buy George a drink. He lets the audience know he can’t hear, and tells them to stop yelling.

Next, George alerts the audience to sit and be quiet. The audience starts to Boo. George is done, and he walks out of his own show!

Per TMZ, the comedian’s team stated,“It’s the venue or casino’s job to provide a good experience for both the artist and the fans, but the casino failed in this regard. The audience was overserved and unruly, and the casino staff was unable to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for the artist and guests.”

Eagle Mountain Casino saw things differently. Their Instagram response is posted below.