Go To A Doctor Immediately If You Have One Of These Symptoms

Your kidneys are one of the key organs for us to stay alive. They are the filtering system of our body, and if anything happens to our kidneys, we would be in such trouble. If you have any the symptoms that we wrote below, you should immediately go see a doctor.

If you have bloon in your urine, rush to the hospital. Blood infused urine would look pinkish, reddish. It is a sing for unworking kidney, or bladder cancer or tumors.

If your eyes or feet are swollen, especially your ankles, or joints in general are swollen, it may caused by the salt that your kidneys failed to filter. This is another sing for them to the way of failure, go see a doctor immediately.

If you have terrible back pain, and couldn’t find it’s source, you should go to a doctor and get a check on your kidneys.

Constant fail on filterin can cause to exhaustion, so if you are feeling tired all the time no matter how long you rest, of course there might be something else since there are lots of diseases that could cause tiredness, you should go to a doctor, if you experience any other symptoms.

Failing to filter the toxins of the body makes hard to sleep. And it also causes you to pee more, since there are no filtering, there are no obstacles on the way.

You start to feel tastless in terms of food caused by the unfiltered toxins, and you would lose appetite. Again, if you have any other symtoms with this, go see a doctor.

Kidneys are not just disabling toxins, but also lets minerals do their jobs too, and failed kidneys wouldn’t seperate toxins from minerals. So this causes our skin to go dry, and we would ha lesions.

You migth start to have muscle spasms, since the minerals are not going where they should go, body lacks phosphorus and calcisum, this causes cramps and spasms.

If you have two or more signs that written above, you should immediately go see a doctor.

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