Goodbye to Things from the 1980s

I hope this finds you well and ready to take a trip down memory lane. Do you remember the ’80s like it was yesterday? Ah, the decade of big hair, bold fashion, and unforgettable pop culture moments. Let’s dive in and reminisce about some of the iconic things that have disappeared since then.

Who could forget Spuds MacKenzie, the “original party animal” and Bud Light mascot? Spuds was everywhere during the ’80s, from TV commercials to bumper stickers and t-shirts. But, like many things from that time, Spuds also had his share of scandal.

Speaking of the ’80s, the “Just Say No” campaign, launched by Nancy Reagan, was an unmistakable part of the era. The catchphrase became synonymous with the government’s effort to reduce drug use, though it also drew criticism for its emphasis on deterrence tactics over treatment and substance abuse programs.

And what about the unforgettable mullet hairstyle sported by celebs like Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe? The iconic “business in the front, party in the back” look was pure ’80s cool.

Trapper Keepers were another essential part of the ’80s school experience. Remember how their Velcro binders and built-in accessories made organization so much easier? Ah, the joys of picking out a new Trapper Keeper with the perfect artwork on the cover.

Potpourri was a fragrant ’80s household staple, too. Those colorful dried fruits, flower petals, and nuts were a go-to present for Mom on any occasion. And who could forget the popularity of parachute pants, boomboxes, and the milk carton campaign for missing children?

Kmart’s Blue Light Special was another memorable part of the ’80s. The flashing blue police-style light alerted shoppers to fantastic deals and helped make “Attention Kmart shoppers” a pop culture catchphrase.

The ’80s also gave us action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose unforgettable films like The Terminator, Conan the Barbarian, and Predator made him an icon of the decade.

Though short-lived and underwhelming, the Nintendo Power Glove still holds a special place in our hearts, and the Bartles and James wine coolers? They were as big as any other advertising icon of the time.

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