‘Happy Days’ Star Scott Baio has decided to permanently leave California because he’s had enough of it.

Scott Baio has joined the ranks of well-known Hollywood figures moving away from California. The actor has explained his motives for departing.

For more information on why the actor is leaving the state, he has called home for so many years, continue reading.

In the television sitcom Happy Days, Chachi Arcola may have been Scott Baio’s most outstanding performance. The actor, who has lived in the Golden State for many years, announced his move there via Twitter.

The actor highlighted the situation of Los Angeles’s expanding homeless population as justification for his choice.

Although the actor has lived in Los Angeles for 45 years, he has had enough of the region. After 45 years, he wrote on Twitter, “I’m finally making my way to ‘leave stage right’ from California. According to the most current assessment by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, there will be 41,000 homeless people living in the city and 69,000 in the county by 2022.

Many people voiced their opinions over Baio’s choice to go. Some others recognized the actor’s drive. “Scott, good for you,” a Twitter user said. “You’ll be a lot happier, as well as your family. Additionally, you can return if CA changes in the future.”

“Excellent, sir,” commented another Twitter user. “I hope you and your family can find a home to live happily and comfortably. Texas still has some room available if you want it. You are welcome to be here.”

“Congratulations,” a second individual said, echoing Baio’s comments. “My son and I will be leaving as soon as he does. Since I’ve been here in 1970, the state has lost some of its former beauty.”

Others weren’t as encouraging. A Twitter user responded angrily, “Considering you’ve never done anything to help out in the situation after getting wealthy off of us, we will be pleased to see you go.” Another individual commented, “Happy Californian here, especially knowing you are leaving!!”

Others mocked the actor, with one commenter asking, “With your lack of work over the last 20+ years – are you one of the homeless?”

“Who cares? You stopped being relevant about 30 years ago.” Another individual added.

Another person who wasn’t happy with his post said, “It’ll be easy to pack up your tent and shopping cart.” “Because you, too, have not had a career for 40 years!”

The 62-year-old actor has put his Woodland Hills home up for sale, showing that he means business. The house is worth $3,85,000,000. This large home has five bedrooms, four and a half baths, a home theater, and 6,300 square feet of space. The house cost $1.85 million to buy in 2010.

Scott Baio is merely adding his name to the lengthy list of Hollywood celebrities who have relocated from California to other states. Famous people with recent moves from California include Mark Wahlberg, Joe Rogan, and Matthew McConaughey.

McConaughey declared his plan to return to Texas, where he was born, in December 2020. His desire for his children to share his ‘values’ and grow up around his family was the main driver behind his decision to relocate.

In August 2020, Joe Rogan used a similar strategy. He relocated his family due to the “insane” traffic in Los Angeles and the exorbitant cost of living there. The well-known podcaster also relocated to Texas. Mark Wahlberg relocated to Ohio after selling his Beverly Hills property for $30 million in April 2021. The actor has family in the region and owns a Chevrolet business there, which may have influenced his choice.

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