Hawaiian Influencer Killed By Husband After Filing For Divorce And Getting A Restraining Order

After ten years of marriage, 33-year-old Theresa Cachuela, whom her family called Tita, filed for divorce from her 44-year-old husband, Jason Cachuela. She moved out with her three kids and filed a temporary restraining order against him after he reportedly threatened to kill himself in front of her and even threatened to kill her and their kids.

The same day the restraining order went into effect, Tita was on her way to meet her mother, Lucita Ani-Nihoa, for breakfast. Lucita was planning to give Tita Christmas presents for herself and the grandchildren. Tita’s youngest daughter, who is just 8 years old, was with her. Unfortunately, they never made it to breakfast.

Tita and her daughter were in the Bank of Hawaii parking lot in Honolulu, Hawaii, when Jason showed up. He shot Tita in the head and killed her. Then he fled the scene and reportedly shot himself, leaving his kids orphaned three days before Christmas.

Lucita told Hawaii News, “Her youngest daughter is the one that tragically saw everything.” She added, “She’s traumatized. She has so much faith, this little girl. She just she just started praying.” Lucita continued, “She doesn’t believe it. She doesn’t believe her mom is gone. I don’t believe it.”

Lucita believes this tragedy could have been prevented. She explained, “She’s been trying to tell the cops about all the issues that were going on about the gun that he pulled on her a couple of times already.” She continued,” He threatened to kill her.” She added, “The system failed her, and now she’s gone.”

In a GoFundMe Lucita set up for her daughter’s funeral expenses, Lucita explained, “My daughter did not deserve this. She was trying so hard to get help, but the Justice system failed her. We are so devastated with the loss of our beloved Tita. This has been so difficult for our family in which we were not prepared for.”

Watch the video below to learn more about this unfortunate tragedy, and Tita’s father’s reaction to the devastating news.