Heartbreaking Update Regarding American Pickers’ Frank Fritz.

The well-known television personality Frank Fritz’s personal life had taken a turn for the worse. He was going through a tough time when he met Diann Bankson, a woman he would spend the next few years of his life with. Despite the fact that their relationship ended, they both remain forever changed by their time together.

In 2014, after meeting, Frank and Diann secretly started dating. A year later, they moved in together, but things quickly changed when Frank’s divorce proceedings started to wear on him. They purchased an Iowa farmhouse as their new home after getting engaged in 2017.

His distress was exacerbated by his struggles with alcoholism, unemployment, and other medical conditions. Despite these challenging times for him and Diann, their relationship had a lasting impact on them even after it ended.

When Bankson allegedly found Fritz having a sexual encounter with another woman in bed in November of that year, their relationship took a turn. As a reminder of his betrayal, Fritz decided to get a tattoo that read, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”.

He suffered financial loss and emotional distress as a result of the breakup. He started drinking heavily as a coping mechanism for his heartbreak, which over time caused him to lose a lot of weight.

Despite this, he insisted that he had made every effort to keep things going, from buying an expensive ring and house to drinking himself to feel better. He freely acknowledged that it wasn’t enough for Bankson, who had caused him suffering and distress.

Mike Wolfe took a break from dating in order to deal with the effects of his troubled marriage, which had left him broken and hurt. When he declared in early 2020 that he would stop hosting American Pickers on the History Channel after the March season, he also lost his job.

The reason for Fritz’s absence was health-related, and he promised to return to the program once the effects of his back surgery had healed. Fritz said he was going to watch the show again. Now that I’m fully recovered, I’m prepared to resume the program.

There had been no decision regarding his return, according to Fritz. Nevertheless, he claimed that a showrunner had gotten in touch with him and promised to bring him back. Fritz has been a regular on the program for more than ten years, but according to TMZ, there are “no plans” for him to return in that capacity.

Additionally, Bankson met Eric Longlett, a supervisor of engineering administration, who would become her new boyfriend. In a social media post about him, she said, “He took me to witness Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road Farewell Tour – I’m a lucky girl.”. “Babe oxo, I love you. “.

In addition, on July 4, 2022, Fritz was admitted to the hospital after suffering a stroke that was discovered while he was lying on the floor at his home by a friend who called 911 immediately while mentioning that “he might be having a seizure, I’m not sure.”. “.

Bill Fritz, his father, said he was doing fine and getting better every day. Sadly, rehabilitation did not go as well as everyone had hoped; as a result, guardianship was established, and after his discharge from the hospital, he was moved to a nursing home.

On August 18, 2022, consent was given for a trusted friend to take control of his guardianship and conservatorship in case of an emergency. The bank was chosen to manage his finances, and this acquaintance was named as his guardian.

This included daily payments for his care facility, any necessary health insurance, ongoing maintenance fees, and property taxes. Additionally, it was crucial to make sure he had access to transportation for when he needed to go to events or doctor’s appointments.

To be formally appointed as his guardian, his friend had to submit paperwork outlining an initial care plan; they had been involved in decision-making ever since the stroke.

He must decide where he should live, what kind of health care is appropriate, whether he should participate in any activities, and how he will communicate with his family and potential romantic interests in order to effectively play this role. In accordance with the rules, the guardian is required to compile an annual report detailing their time spent looking after him.

He could not make independent decisions, putting him at risk of physical illness or harm, according to the paperwork that was submitted, and his health was rapidly declining.

Even his capacity for financial decision-making was lacking, as was his capacity for effectively communicating those decisions if he did make them. Prior to this revelation, his condition seemed to be much worse than had been anticipated or believed.

To think that a tragedy of this magnitude has befallen someone of Mr. Fritz’s stature is heartbreaking. We can only pray for a speedy recovery and ability to stand again for him.

Until Frank is healthy enough to receive medical attention for his injuries and regain control of his life, the designated guardian will be in charge of making Frank’s health-related decisions.

Sadly, these are not simple choices because they involve deciding which medical procedures would be best for Frank and who will have access to his finances and personal information. However, these actions are necessary for him to get home safely and resume his normal routine.

Frank Fritz is in our prayers during this trying time, and we wish him the very best in getting better after such a terrible experience. We urge everyone who is aware of the situation to let their friends and family know so they can pray for Frank’s wellbeing during this trying time.