Hearts Break for Actress Kate Beckinsale After She Shares Cryptic Easter Message From the Hospital

Fans are growing more and more concerned as Kate Beckinsale after she shared several photos of herself in a hospital and then deleted all of them.

The mass delete comes after the Beckinsale shared a photo of her mom with black and blue eyes.

Beckinsale has not yet spoke out about her time in the hospital or why she was there despite sharing several photos of herself in a hospital bed.

The actress first shared images of herself crying from a hospital bed back in March 11 while celebrating her mom’s birthday and UK Mother’s Day.

While fans commented in the comments section asking if she was okay, little has been known about the health issues Kate Beckinsale is facing. “Are you OK? Why are you in a hospital? Please get well soon,” one of the comments read.

While not much has been publicly shared about Beckinsale’s hospital stay, the actress resumed posting to social media. Beckinsale shared several photos of her stepfather, Roy Battersby, who passed away back in January.

She then shared a series of photos of herself with friends a few days later, along with the caption, “Some things from before.”

Then on Easter Sunday, Kate Beckinsale shared a “Happy Easter” message

“What’s wrong!!!?,” singer Gwen Stefani asked in the comments section. Still, Kate has not commented on the reason for her hospital stay.with her fans which again included photos of her sitting in a hospital bed.