Heather Locklear, despite her addictions and arrests, is the proud mother of a “beautiful” daughter who has always stood by her side.

Heather Locklear, a well-known television actress, recently expressed her immense pride in her daughter’s academic accomplishments. Taking to her Instagram page, the doting mother shared a video clip showcasing the invitation to Ava Locklear’s upcoming graduation. The invitation unveiled that Ava, who is Heather’s only child and shares her with musician Richie Sambora, would be receiving her Master’s degree from the University of Southern California.

Ava’s area of study focused on “Marriage and Family Therapy,” a field that Heather enthusiastically mentioned could empower her daughter to aid others. In her caption, Heather expressed gratitude for the support received and humbly acknowledged that she had played no role in Ava’s journey as a therapist. She described her daughter as a precious gem and expressed her hope that Ava’s skills would benefit anyone struggling, drawing from her own personal experiences.

Ava, following in her mother’s footsteps by sharing the joyful news, posted a snapshot on her own Instagram page. She was captured wearing a white top and matching blazer, radiating happiness as she held a bouquet and flashed a smile.

Heather’s fans on social media were quick to admire Ava’s stunning appearance. Back in July 2020, Heather had shared a picture of her daughter holding tulips, her long blonde hair styled in a ponytail. The post garnered numerous comments from followers who couldn’t help but remark on Ava’s beauty, with one person describing her as a “beautiful young woman” and another likening her to her talented and radiant mother, Heather.

Heather has experienced her fair share of ups and downs throughout her life, but she is currently in a great place. In addition to being a devoted mother, she has enjoyed a successful career in Hollywood for over three decades, gracing popular shows like “Spin City” and “Dynasty,” among others.

Despite her professional achievements, Heather has faced personal challenges that have affected her journey. In 2012, she made headlines when a family member called emergency services, expressing concern about her well-being and reporting that she had made threatening statements about self-harm. This incident led to her hospitalization and sparked public concern for her welfare.

Just a week after the concerning incident that led to her hospitalization, Heather faced further trouble when she was arrested for battery of a law enforcement officer. These incidents unfolded within a four-month period, which came shortly after her initial arrest on suspicion of domestic battery.

These recent events, however, are not isolated incidents in Heather’s life. She has faced years of turbulence, grappling with various challenges. Her struggles with addiction have resulted in multiple admissions to rehab facilities, where she sought treatment for her personal battles. Additionally, Heather has endured a lengthy and ongoing fight against depression and anxiety, which have significantly impacted her well-being.

It is important to recognize that while Heather has faced numerous hardships, she is currently in a positive and stable place in her life. She has been making efforts to overcome her personal struggles and move forward.

In May 2020, Heather celebrated a significant milestone in her journey to recovery by commemorating one year of sobriety. She took to her social media to share the achievement and posted a quote by Maya Angelou that expressed her joy and gratitude. Heather’s friends and loved ones revealed that she was doing well and appeared in good health. Most importantly, they emphasized that she was in a positive and stable place in her life.

During this period, Heather engaged in various activities that brought her joy and contributed to her overall well-being. She found solace in gardening and took regular walks, appreciating the serenity of nature. Additionally, Heather developed a newfound passion for cooking and embraced it with enthusiasm. She prepared meals not only for herself but also for her daughter Ava and her parents. The act of delivering food to her elderly parents showcased her thoughtfulness and care for others.

While Heather had experienced ups and downs in her journey to sobriety, including periods of seeking treatment in in-patient facilities and returning to rehab, she maintained a loving and supportive relationship with her daughter throughout. Despite the challenges she faced, Heather’s dedication to her recovery and her commitment to her family remained steadfast.

Despite Heather’s challenges with addiction and personal struggles, her daughter Ava has remained close to her throughout the years. Ava, along with Heather’s former husband Richie Sambora, has been a strong source of support for her.